Things to do after visit to Disneyland

Hi Friends I am reaching out for some advice.

My solo August 2019 DLR trip turned into a mommy and daughter June 2020 trip. Then my DH realized he wants to come too so it has turned into a family trip.

That would be easy, but once we are on the West coast we generally need to spend time with his family (because they are family, and Dad and step-mom are always willing to travel to us).

I would rather not spend more than one day with them “in the park”- for many complex reasons, this is the max. But we can add on a couple of other days and go somewhere else in the area (60 min radius)

Where would you go? I am thinking somewhere we can hang out together, but with things of interest for a 9 year old. Would be 2-3 nights and I don’t want to break the bank.

Thanks for thoughts!

My default in these situations is to look up the area on tripadvisor. I’ve found so many great things to do by looking there. I was just looking up LA recently and there is so much to do there. A lot of museums and a lot of uniquely LA things. I do know that LA has a lot of other types of parks if you don’t want to avoid parks altogether, such as a six flags and a universal.

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Thanks for this.

I realize I am mostly wondering if there is a location people would recommend staying in as a good home base to just hang out, and then we can do some side trips. I’ve got a long list of side trips in mind!

Welcome to my state in 2020. I would recommend staying by the beach especially if you currently don’t live by the ocean. Orange County beaches are lovely although June can bring June Gloom (overcast skies).

Thank you! For many years I got to visit for work every August and see many parts of LA county that tourists don’t necessarily always visit. Then I started adding a day or 2 at DLR so made it into Orange County. But that ended last year :frowning:

Excited to come back with my family because I love DLR and SoCal. I would prefer the June gloom to stay away!

I have only been to Santa Monica (for the evening). Recommendations for your favorite beach?

Sunset and Seal Beach are actually in LA County. They are just south of Long Beach. Long Beach is nice for the Aquarium and the Queen Mary. Huntington is the big state beach in Orange Co. Laguna Beach is very pretty and has great shops…that’s about as far as I’d venture south given your 60 min radius.

Thank you!

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