Things that can't be done from ipad/iphone/android

From my phone, I am not able to upload a photo, not able to click on the TP logo to take me home and I’m not able to edit a long post (tried editing the Acronyms and Trivia post this morning, but because it is so long, I can’t scroll through it). Not sure if any of this is part of a future update or if it is supposed to currently be working.
Samsung Galaxy S4

Trying with iPhone to up load photo


I can also click to logo to bring me back to the home screen

My legs look Fat!!!

You look just fine - asleep on Space Mountain, but other than that you are fabulous!

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:blush: @MagicMN, can you try yo tag me in a post as MDU? I changed my name since the long version didn’t fit. Spanks.


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OMG @len. That look!! LOL. Quick, everyone! Caption Len’s photo. @LaurelStewart @MrTomMorrow @MagicMN @Camsdad @Sorcerers_Apprentice @Armadillo_Alert @WEDwayppl @weasus

Me first: “Maybe no one will smell it”

So this post sent me an email - maybe because I wasn’t on the forum today and was tagged?

I think Len looks like he just survived a run-in with a Brazilian tour group; a state of shock. “That was unpleasant”.

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Selfie time! This is me with my imaginary friend, Harvey.

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Must be your phone Heather…I can do all those from my Droid Maxx

GRRRRR grumble grumble GRRRRR

Yay!!! Thanks for the texts @Tom. It all works now from my phone. :slight_smile:

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