Things I wish I had done differently

4 Adult Girl’s trip, Sept 2019. Overall a great trip, but these are the three things I would do differently if I had a time-turner…

  • I wish we had bought the photo package. Even knowing that most of the ride photos won’t be great, there was probably a winner or two there somewhere, and we could have had photos with Shrek, Scooby Doo, and the Bumblebee Transformer.
  • I wish I had spent more time/been more picky about our photos taken at Shutterbutton’s in Diagon Alley. We chose this photo-op instead of the Photo package because we thought we would get really nice souvenir photos. We posed for two still pictures in front of a green screen, then our photos were over-layed over Hogwarts Castle and Diagon Alley backgrounds. The young TM there didn’t work with us much. We’re standing there smiling with robes slightly crooked, not posed very well. Not bad pictures, but could have been a lot better if I had pushed more. Expensive so-so photos. We did not do the video option.
  • I would not choose the SuperStar Shuttle again. It was nice to have our tickets ready and waiting for us at the airport, but we had to wait almost 30 minutes for the shuttle to come, then ride around other hotels before getting dropped off. It was OK and a safe option, just not very efficient.

That’s it for downside - everything else was awesome!

What would you do differently on your next trip?



Shutterbuttons is a total hit or miss thing. When I did it for the first time with my family, we had a fantastic TM who narrated us through it so well that it turned out perfectly. I did it a year later with my sister and we had a TM who didn’t narrate anything and our video is totally lackluster. Sorry that was your experience. And I always get the photo package every trip because I get it on sale and it is totally worth it for those different meet and greets, so I agree there.


I think that I overestimated how much we would get done and we probably shouldn’t have done Volcano Bay with only 3 days. Or maybe I shouldn’t have booked an ADR at Disney on the 3rd day so we could have stayed till close - that’s a better option actually because I’d have hated to miss Volcano Bay.


What’s a good price for the photo package? Also, if I purchased when it was on sale, is it not activated until I arrive at a park?

I have seen the 5 day package with some prints for $60, which is good to me. You can buy it online and activate whenever you get to the park for your trip.


That’s what we got.

Cool, thanks. I wasn’t sure because we’ve never gotten it before—here or at Disney. What do you do, scan your card, and all your pictures show up on the website? So, like if I rode the Mummy ride or Forbidden Journey, after the ride do I go to a kiosk to scan them on my picture card?

That’s correct. And you can give the card to photographers at meet and greets.

Thanks! Do the pictures ever expire off of the card?

No! There’s an app - Amazing Pictures - and they don’t expire.

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That’s awesome!

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