Things are getting nuts

I’m at the 7th month mark for our annual January trip. We’ve been making this trip since 2009. We are making our way through all the DVC properties and this time it’s OKW’s turn. We’re excited to stay there.

I logged in to make the reservation, knowing how OKW (and SS) are the last to fill…always available…etc…

I’m without a room for the 2nd night of the trip. I waitlisted it. I actually called and booked on the phone and the CM was able to get me more nights than what I could have done on the website. So, that’s good.

But, park attendance is just going nuts. I’m talking about the 3rd week in January. Historically 2-3 crowd levels. The 18th is pegged at a 10 right now.

Is anyone else having similar issues? I know @PrincipalTinker was trying to get Copper Creek a couple of months back and that was tough at the time.

For those who have waitlisted, do they contact you to let you know it’s available? Or do I need to keep checking?

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I would check every day, early, for your waitlisted day. There are lots of reports of people finding the day before it ever hits the waitlist.

I have been booking exactly at 11 months. I did find it easier for May 2020.

Funny, I have been watching Poly for February but I have Copper Creek and I am terrified I will lose everything if I try to modify!


Ok, I’ll do that. With all the rooms out there, (and more to come with Riviera & eventually Reflections), it seems like demand is just at an all time high.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a rise in “after effects” of the SWGE opening. That is, people waiting for the initial rush to “die down”, and also waiting long enough to ensure RotR is open.

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Maybe try calling your DVC guide to see if they can work some magic.

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Yea, I’ll keep on them. :slight_smile:

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I also booked at 11mos at my home (OKW) for fear of not getting anything else at 7mos because of the SWGE effect.

Secretly I’m kind of hoping we “have to” stay at OKW for the whole trip. I really did love it there


I thought there was a way, now, to modify and secure the new room before releasing the old room. No?

That is what they say. If there is a standard view available at the Poly I might chance it!

I don’t believe all the systems are working the way they are designed and I am just paranoid…

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I have no idea what would cause you to feel this way. Disney IT operations are top notch.



My last 2 Easter trips we stayed at OKW and they might have been the most relaxing, laid back trips we’ve ever taken.

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Yes if you can ever get a hold of them in IT.