They destroyed my resort

OK, late to the party, I suppose. We’re in-between major trips, and I happened to be idly checking the satellite maps for CBR. The building we stayed in last time is gone; Riviera DVC is rising on the ruins. Looks like with the Skyliner and a massive DVC in the neighborhood, this pleasant little resort is no more.

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive since construction has begun wrapping up. I would say keep an open mind. You may be pleasantly surprised

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We stayed at CBR for a few nights in April, and it was just as lovely as it always was. In some ways, better. The new check in area is beautiful and very centrally located. The new restaurant Sebastian’s Bistro is fantastic. The new DVC building is very large, but it honestly seems far away and was not an issue at all. I wouldn’t give up on CBR yet, especially since the Skyliner is a great addition to be able to get quickly to Hollywood Studios.


we stayed at BW last time, primarily for convenience to 2 parks. I’m very curious to see how the gondolas work for CBR and where the price point ends up being.