These are the choices? Seriously?

Every day I log into MDE to pick a MB for my next trip.

The selection never seems to change, other than reducing in size.

There is one free plain band — in grey. That’s it.

Is this really how it works now?

This is the complete offering:

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I wonder, particularly if you are after the free ones and don’t mind waiting, if you would get better options at check in.

Are you looking for premium? I just looked:

When I filter by price I can see all free ones:

Oooh, that Mickey one is cool!

I stalked magic bands daily for months. And there would be stagnancy then bam, some new ones would always show up. If you have time, keep waiting.
I ordered mine recently and got a few cool upgraded ones that weren’t available when I first started looking…and they appear to be gone again based on your pics.

I checked many times over at least 6 months. I finally found 5 that we liked at the same time about 2 weeks before our trip. I’ve never cut anything with WDW that close before.

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There should always be orange, green, pink, purple, gray, green and maybe some other ones for free. I think there must be something wrong with the system. I looked every day for months and always had every single one if those free plain colored ones show up.

My screen shots are from this morning and the free ones were available.

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Hmm MouseMatt might have to call then if he isn’t being given the color choices. Hope you get it worked out Mousematt.

The screenshot I posted is every band available to me, free or premium. It’s been that same selection for at least a week.

What happens when you filter by complimentary?

I did the magic band search for months, several times a day, and finally got 2 that we wanted and bought mine from shopdisney just to end the stress. This thread reminds me that I will be doing the search again and that the experience has not improved.

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Drove me nuts as well. Anyone know if they are still having issues displaying bands that are out of stock when you try to place the order?

I don’t have any issues when I ordered in December. Everything I chose was available.

I believe @mousematt is having an issue seeing the free bands. Is anyone else?

I get the plain grey band. And that’s all.

I wonder if it is a U.K. website issue or an issue with your profile? Is that what you need to know?

I naively assumed it was Disney being rubbish (and offering a pathetic selection of MBs). I now realise it was Disney being rubbish (and only offering me a pathetic selection of MBs).

I’m so bored of complaining to Disney about how horrible its IT is that I really can’t be bothered to do so again.

Frankly, it’s just easier to give up and buy a MB direct, or ask for a free one when I check-in. Except that it won’t be personalised. (It’s not actually for me. I have plenty of MBs. It’s for the friend who’s coming with me.)

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Legit. Their IT is the worst I’ve ever seen.

That’s not really fair.

It’s much worse than that.