There's an Olaf M&G?!? Ok, now what?

Just learned today there’s an Olaf Meet & Greet at Hollywood Studios! My 7 year old DD will love that!

I know I would need to add his M&G to my touring plan as a break since I can’t actually choose it from the drop down list… but how do I know how much time to allow? Is there a website that estimates the wait times?

We’ll be there Thursday, February 1st, 2018.
TP rates that day/park a 2. (Wohoo!)
We won’t be getting to the park until about 10:45am. (It’s a rest/sleep in day)

Kenny the Pirate’s website says to go at park opening because the line continues to build throughout the day, but we won’t be there for rope drop. I wasn’t able to find a page on the TP website with specific recommendation (but maybe I’m just not seeing it?) What are you ideas? Thoughts?

We currently have ADRs for 50s Primetime at 11:15am but I could probably move it to a little later if needed. My kiddo isn’t into Star Wars so by no means do we have a jam packed day that day.
Thanks in Advance!

We met Olaf last year in May on what I think was a CL 6 day. We got in line around noon and waited for maybe 20-25 minutes? We went right after the Frozen Sing-Along show and apparently wait times are higher right before and after the shows because the M&G is close to the theatre. So I would say try to avoid those times if you can! That said, the wait wasn’t too bad for right in the middle of the day and the line is mostly shaded. My DD6 absolutely LOVED the M&G. She told him that summer was her favourite season and he played his song and danced around!

Saw Olaf last July and didn’t wait more than 10 minutes around 10AM. Not sure what wait times are like during the day but I don’t think it’s anything drastic. Perhaps 20 minutes tops.

We went today a little before 10 am. It was listed at 20 or 25 minutes, but the line went quickly. I would say it took us 15 minutes at the most. Today was predicted CL 3.

EsterM Thank You!