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Hello, I’m new here, so I hope this is the right place to post. I’ve used TP for the last 4 years of Disney visits, and have never had any issues. Now I’m trying to make TP’s for a family trip in October, and no matter what I do (erasing history, cookies, restarting my computer) I cannot get the TP’s to optimize. It’s been a few weeks that I’ve been trying, thinking it’ll sort itself out, but so far, no dice.

This is for TP’s I create, or for the ones I copy from TP and make my own.


Double check to make sure your times and dates are right. Double check PM vs AM on FP and other times. Those items always cause me issues.


Email with the link to your plan. They are super responsive, awesome & can always figure out what went wrong whenever my plans go a little bit wonky.


I went ahead and emailed them, and I made sure to double check the times. Thanks!