Theories on FPP for MK parades June 12-17

This website ( shows no FPP available for June 12-17 for either parade at MK. Dates before that are available but not that day. We’re booking FPP next week for those dates are well more than 60 days out. So it seems strange that the same block would be out of FPP for both parades.

Could it mean that there aren’t any parades on those days? We were hoping to see the MSEP on 6/12 with a FPP. I don’t mind seeing it w/o a FPP but I want to make a point to see the parade earlier in our trip if it isn’t happening on that date. Has anyone heard anything about it?


How can they check availability more than 60 days? Maybe there is some construction announced for the FPP+ area at that time that they know about?

Your theory makes sense. I think it has to be something like that. Back to the drawing boards on FPP . . . .Just when I thought I’d made my final selections!

FP for a parade at park closingish time takes the possibility of a fourth fast pass off the table.

Hi! I’m new to this board. We have a FPP for the MKEP parade on the 12th - I made it on Tuesday night, when our 60 day window opened. It still shows they are available according to my computer. I am actually wondering whether or not to keep ours - am about to pose that question now. Good luck!

Our window opened on tuesday night too! I made a FPP for the MKEP on the 13th. I’m still deciding whether to keep it but decided to book it while it was available and then cancel later if we decide to. I’m still on the fence about whether it’s the best choice or not!