The Year of the Rat - a (probably not) live trip report

I was born in 1972, which is also the year of the rat, so it was predestined that Remy would debut this year and that we would ride it a bazillion times.

DH ask-told me that I’m “not doing one of those trip report things for those people on the internet, right?” To honor his wishes, if I post mid-day, I’m in the bathroom.

Who: me (Diane), DH (Mike) and our BFF’s/cousins - Jim & Kim. hint: I’m the cute one with the pink flower ears.

Where: BWV
When: Wed 9/15 - Sun 9/19

Our plans are more like guidelines because we keep changing them (yesterday we changed breakfast on day 3). If this trip is anything like our Jan 2020 trip, we will be pivoting on the fly. We tend to feed off each other and consider everything a challenge. In DS eating dinner in the Edison at 8pm, can we make it to EP for fireworks? Sure! As soon as fireworks end, can we hop to HS for their show? Of course! (no. the answer was no. skyliner shutdown mid-ride)

Wed 9/15: EP. We’re on the first flight of the morning. Heading straight to America for lunch because otherwise I’ll chew off my own arm having only eaten cheerios one at a time on the plane to prevent my ears from exploding. Remy preview at 1pm. Liner meet with @chloe173 at some point. nap. Le Cellier for dinner (we’ve never been)

Thu 9/16; HS. Trattora for breakfast, Oga’s at 4:40, 7:10 and 8:10. clearly we are undecided and will probably cancel two of those. or not. you never can tell with me. (ps: I didn’t know I was a hoarder until now.) Probably hop back to EP to eat around the world for dinner.

Fri 9/17: MK. Kona breakfast, Geyser Point lunch, hop to EP for Remy preview x2 at 3pm

Sat 9/18: AK, sacred spaces, hop to DS for Wine Bar George (new to us) for dinner

Sun 9/19: leave for home at a ridiculous hour (9am DME) because Southwest is a jerk.

I really will try to update this thread during the trip. I have a traveler’s notebook and mini printer with me to record on the fly. I’m just not sure if here will be my holding place for those stories until they make it into the book. Probably that would make sense, but again, you never can tell with me. :slight_smile:


Safe travels and have a great time!


Sounds fun!


Safe travels!


Super excited to follow along! Safe travels.


Have a great time!!!

-From a fellow Rat


Flight delayed for a few hours. Something about oxygen. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m pretty sure I could hold my breath


It is a good sign that they checked everything on the plane!


Oxygen schmoxygen. Get that plane in the air!


I know right?
We were in the air about two hours later and have now landed. My phone will be in my bag so I won’t be checking in for a while. First up, Boardwalk, then lunch in America


Following! We are birthday year twins :heart_eyes: Mine is coming up this month!


It seems as tho so many folks I know were born in 1972. Have a magical birthday trip!

Love your on the fly touring. While reading another thread I was recalling our 2015 trip when we just couldn’t figure out where to eat supper at HS.

I said well, we could go to MK to eat.

Instant excitement. Off we go to, um, Tomorrowland.

Even more excitement when, as we walked out of the restaurant, we were greeted by Wishes. Who knew it was that late. :grin:


Good to see you’re avoiding international. Travel with UK has been, as I heard somewhere (but can’t recall where), a bit of a challenge these days.




Americas lunch was meh. In April it was much better, but probably I ate something different. After lunch we went to Remy and rode it 2x. Serious motion sickness warning on that one. Now we’re back at the hotel, resting before dinner. We had to change rooms because the one we were assigned smelled musty and moldy. The new room is so much better. Dinner tonight at le cellier, then fireworks.


Really? I thought the tell would be the one with the DSLR (?) camera hanging off you, ready for action… :wink:


Guess what? I’m still in Disney world, living my best life. I’ll be back in a couple of days with a report, but someone wanted to say hi to @OBNurseNH today. She misses you!


I miss her too :heart::deciduous_tree: