The voiceover

Does anyone else hear Len’s voice when you read his forum posts. :smile:



Glad to know it’s not just me @SallyEpp_cot

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Me too! :smile:

Yup. Are you a WDW Today listener? I think that’s why I hear it.


yeah, it’s my saving grace on my morning commute. I have to listen to something/someone talk about my happy place.

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So…something like the love child of Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, right?

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First, I apologize for going through old threads and bumping them but ever so often I come across one like this that that make me chuckle or have a relevance to something recent.

I actually hear Len’s voice while reading the UG. And when there is a tidbit or story from Jim Hill, I hear “Well…more to the point…” from the UG Disney Dish podcast.

Thanks, @len. Your dulcet tones have changed my reading of The Guide and of these forums, forever. (Oh, that’s another one. No one in my family says forever anymore. We all say “foreverrrr” in the style of Gonzo in Muppets or the WDW Today gang on the podcast.)

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