The trip I was dreading - we had a great time!

I posted before for help planning my trip so figured a trip report might help others as everyone else’s help me! I was 100% dreading this trip, as it was a big group trip and the family dynamics alone are a lot to handle never mind being in a theme park in 90+ degree weather! But our park days went off without a single hitch and we had the best time. We waited in so few lines that when we ever DID have to wait the kids were a mess ha, they didn’t realize how great we had it with how things worked out!

Who: 6 adults, 5 kids ages 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9

Where: we rented a house in the Windsor Hills area and it was PERFECT for our big group. Tons of bedrooms and our own pool, having lots of space was great and the parks were only 15-20 minutes away.

What: 3 park days with rest days in between. We had Genie+ and ParkHoppers but only myself and one kid hopped one day.

Park Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

This was the most challenging park to plan for because DN6 wanted to do all the mountains and my own kids did not, but it ended up working out fine and we waited in barely any lines.

8:00 am - arrived TTC, took the ferry to MK

  • watched the opening show at the Castle
  • Pirates (standby, 10 minute wait)
  • Big Thunder Mountain (standby, about 15-20 minute wait) - meanwhile the rest of us did Magic Carpets and Tiki Room
  • Splash Mountain (LL for thrill seekers) - while the rest of us did Jungle Cruise (LL)
  • mobile ordered an early lunch at Pecos Bill
  • Grabbed a shady spot across from Pecos Bills for the parade around 11:45, it filled up very quickly after that
  • Watched parade
  • Let kids try the Frontierland Shooting Arcade (which is free right bow)
  • Hall of Presidents for an AC break
  • Haunted Mansion (LL but probably a 15 minute wait, it was kind of a cluster after stretching room because they had a few users who needed it to stop to get on)
  • Under the Sea (LL)
  • Crazy thunderstorm, we grabbed Mickey Bars and found a spot with a roof overhang to huddle under. It almost completely stopped raining by the time we finished eating and cleaning up chocolate covered kids
  • Barnstormer (LL)
  • Dumbo (LL)
  • Tea Cups (LL)
  • Space Mountain (LL for thrill seekers) while the rest of us split up, some to Philharmagic and some to Tomorrowland Speedway (standby about 30 minutes)
  • Seven Dwarves ILL - this one I would have asked for a refund if we weren’t hungry and cranky as the ILL still took almost 20 minutes
  • mobile ordered dinner from Cosmic Rays
  • Buzz (LL)
  • Monsters Inc (LL)
  • Speedway (LL)

Left the park a little before 8pm and then kids still rallied and were in the pool until almost 11!

Here’s the order I grabbed our LL in - many many thanks to @joelbruick because this would have been way harder without BG1!

  • 7am - 3 people for Splash, rest for Jungle Cruise, return times 9-10
  • 9am - park open, booked 7DMT ILL
  • 10:30 - booked Haunted Mansion - we had redeemed Splash and JC but I had to wait for times to extend a bit as we wanted to watch the parade
  • 12:30 - Under the Sea, return time was around 1:40
  • Redeemed Under the Sea and then booked and used with immediate return times Barnstormer, Dumbo and Tea Cups
  • 3ish - Two of our party went home early so I used their cards to book Space and the rest for Buzz, I kept rebooking Buzz to make it later so we could eat dinner first
  • Redeemed Buzz and got Laugh Floor, totally not needed but wanted to make sure we got in to that showing
  • Redeemed Laugh Floor and for Speedway to line up with when we’d be leaving the show

Park Day 2 - Hollywood Studios
Didn’t park until 8:10 and we got stuck behind a family who couldn’t figure out tickets so didn’t get through taps until 8:40ish. I’d planned for us to rope drop TSMM but we had to change that.

  • 9:00ish - Slinky Dog (LL) while the rest of us did TSMM (LL)
  • got a snack and bathroom break while we waited for the next groups TSMM LL
  • TSMM (LL)
  • Walked by Frozen Singalong at 10:20 and we able to get seats in the 10:30 show
  • Mobile ordered lunch at Backlot Express
  • MuppetVision
  • Ate lunch
  • Star Tours (LL)
  • Mickey & Minnie’s Railway (LL)
  • Met Olaf (standby, 20 minutes)
  • 2:00pm - left the park for dinner and pool
  • 6:00pm - came back
  • 2 did Rock n Rollercoaster (LL), rest did Lightning McQueen
  • Mickey Bar break
  • Alien Swirling Saucers (LL)
  • Smugglers Run (LL)
  • ROTR (LL)

Lightning lane order I booked -
7am - half for SDD and half for TSMM, return times 8am-9am
9am - redeemed those, got TSMM for the rest of the group
9:40 - redeemed TSMM, got MMRR for 1-2
11:40 - booked Star Tours for 11:45-12:45
12:00 - redeemed Star Tours, got MFSR for 8:10 and 2 for RNRC for 6:20
2:00pm - booked ASS for 6-7 and then rebooked to make it 7-8


Park Day 3 - Animal Kingdom / tiny bit of Hollywood Studios

Parked around 7:45

  • met Minnie & Mickey (standby, about 15 minutes)
  • Safari (LL)
  • Walked Gorilla Falls trail, kids signed up for Wilderness Explorers and did a few badges on the way
  • Train to Rafiki’s
  • Animation Experience
  • Petting Zoo
  • Train back
  • Mobile ordered and ate lunch at Harambe Market
  • Kali River Rapids (LL but took forever, at least 30 minutes)
  • Dino carnival games - luckily DH hit enough baskets for each kid to win ha
  • Triceratops Spin
  • Part of our group left at this time because it was unbearably hot!
  • Boneyard
  • Finding Nemo show (waited about 20 minutes because our timing was off and there was no show at 3)
  • FOP - (ILL but rider swapped so it took a while)

6:00pm - everyone but myself and DD9 headed home, we hopped a bus to Hollywood Studios

  • Star Tours (LL)
  • Star Tours (standby, 5 minutes)
  • quick mobile order dinner at ABC Commisary
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Railway (LL)
  • Smugglers Run (LL)
  • Shopping
  • Got a Lyft right around 9

Biggest Takeaways

  • getting plastic ticket cards since we didn’t have MagicBands / weren’t on property. Some of us wore them on lanyards, I just kept my family’s in my fanny pack. When the oldest/youngest in our group left early we could still use their cards to make it easier to split LL for the group
    • rebooking LL was insanely helpful, I hope MDE rolls this out as it made flexing easier when we were running slower than expected
    • bringing a big reusable shopping bag and keeping everything that would go under the stroller in the bag until through security
    • mobile ordering food - I hadn’t done this before this trip and was really impressed with it. Our food was always done SO fast, and I have a child with a food allergy and felt like they always made hers separate
  • setting expectations - going into it my kids knew from the last trip we did that we’d be following Mommy’s plan for the most part to avoid lines and that we’d get to what they wanted eventually. The other kids in our group did not understand that / how long standby lines were and were getting frustrated the first day that we weren’t just doing what they wanted when they wanted. Also no one in our group besides me understood Genie+ in the slightest which was frustrating because i was working my butt off!

This is really helpful, especially the info on when you booked what. So thank you! Sounds like a very successful trip.

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Sounds like you totally killed it!!! I so hope that the rebook feature in BG1 works the same way on our next trip.


I’m so happy that acronym is still being used :rofl:


Haha I had to use it at least once!

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It is definitely a lot of work! You did a great job :+1:

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Good work!!!