The Sweet Spot?

Hello everyone :smile:

We are gearing up to book our annual Disneyland trip. My question is regarding the best week to book this year. Last year we went mid Nov. during the Christmas overlay which was amazing but a little cool. The year before that we went late Sept. - early Oct. and got to experience the Halloween overlay and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This year we would ideally like to attend the parks before any overlay takes place, especially with it being the 60th. But we also want to skip the busy crowds. When do Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion typically close down for the overlay installation? I am looking at Aug. 26 - Sept. 2 and the crowds are predicted to be nice and low. Is this a good week? Anybody have any suggestions? Crowds trump the overlay for us so if need be we will book late Sept. again rather than dealing with the extremely busy crowds.


If u do not mind warmer weather :wink: it can be 85-90+

HM’ll go down for overlay Aug 24-Sept10, Space Sept 7-10, based on prior year dates. Disneyland Half Marathon events start Sept 3-6. Sept 18 is the fall Dapper Day in the parks.

We are coming from Edmonton AB. To answer your question @Jules59…We LOVE the warmer weather lol. I like to be able to stay at the park all day in a pair of shorts, sandals, and a tank top without worrying about needing a change of clothes as it cools off in the evening and we our soaked by SM and GRR :stuck_out_tongue: A few years ago while we were there in late Sept. and Anaheim had an exceptionally hot week of weather hovering around 40 degrees Celsius. This was amazing lol.

Thanks for the dates @moorparknay15. I am disappointed that HM will potentially be down. It feels like forever since we’ve seen it in it’s original glory :disappointed_relieved: This may be enough of a reason to to book later. Do you know when they will officially announce the closure dates for the overlays?

Thanks! :grin:

Most likely mid to end of July. Mouseplanet has weekly DLR updates, posts on Mondays, sometimes Tuesdays.

Hmm, hard to decide if HM is a deal breaker or not. We are bringing my older brother, his wife, and 3 kids with us this time. It will be there first time.

Katrinadmc it is all so good, they will
Have a blast no matter what they r able to see, c u all get there before HM goes down?

Very true @Jules59. I guess we can only do our best to go when nothing is closed but in the end everyone will have a great time!!

@Katrinasmc that is something I have so enjoyed about the AP, we say ahhh we can catch that next time, there is so much to do!!
I had two firsts last visit and I have been to DL many many times over!! Have three first I want to do at the liners meet, first first is Lilly Belle

On Disney’s website they show August as being their busiest month. On Touringplans it shows Aug. 26 and on to be quite slow. Is this accurate? Will Disneyland’s full summer schedule still be in effect this week? Live entertainment etc?

The full entertainment and long hours last until after Labor Day. I actually think later in August can be busier than early August because of the unblocking of local AP. I’ve found that first week of unblock to as busy if not busier than any summer day, but TP always predicts lower crows that day. The only thing I can think is that locals tend to focus on rides less than tourists because they don’t feel the need to ride everything like a tourist but can clog the parks with their presence without impacting lines as much. I bet those last weeks the night entertainment will show locals getting spots (parade and FW) hours ahead especially because they’re new.

That’s a really good point. Thanks for your insight. I’m thinking we will probably book our trip for later in September like we usually do. I am comfortable with this time. I wish we could visit when Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion don’t have their overlay but oh well.