The Sausage Factory - 7/22/14

OMG - you guys do something other than break forum code and moderate?

Yes. Yes, we do.

Here’s what’s up at TouringPlans:

Sarah is working on some spiffy new UI (new feature) for users. I won’t say much except that it releases soon and Sarah HATES UI work. So be nice to her when it comes out.

Brad (daybreaker) is obviously still working on forum stuff.

Len and I just found out that our publisher would like the new photos for the next Companion locked down in the next 2 weeks - to which I was like WTF?!!

Brian is working on updates to Bars book.

I was caught on up editing blog articles, but now I’ve got 18 to look at. Oy.

Seth finished up new UOR touring plans.

Gerelyn ( let us know the Kindle version of the 2015 UG came out this week = SURPRISE! And by that I mean surprise to us. It’s usually after the paperback.

And lots of other things that I missed hanging out here today.

So…like this post? Should I run it regularly so you’ll get an idea what’s going on behind the scenes? Let me know.


Definitely! It’s interesting to see what everyone is working on.

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Yes! Please do! And name them similarly silly things. I couldn’t not click on a title like that lol. :meat_on_bone:

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Wow. I had no idea. Love the update! And I couldn’t resist opening a thread with the title The Sausage Factory. I had to find out what that was all about!!!

Yes! Will the title remain the same?

It’d be a good update, for sure

Love hearing about the work you all do behind the scenes. I love Lines, the books, everything. Thanks for sharing.

Love this post - but what is UI.

Awesome post - keep them coming!

Laurel - I was going to send an e-mail to Len about this, but I would like to offer TP use of any of the WDW or DLR photos that I have taken for the website and/or books. There are a LOT that I haven’t posted anywhere, so if there is a particular shot you need, let me know and I will be happy to send them to you.

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I like the behind the scenes post.

Love this thread! Thank you for sharing.

Yes more please.

Yes, you should post. After all, you know what we do all day: read the Forum, pack for our next trip, dream of a little magic and countdown days and read the website. Only fair we hear about your days now and then!

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Yes keep posting, and keep the name! Could not resist opening something called The Sausage Factory :ox:

LOL. Our government customer wants to see all the dirty details, and we call it the same thing - watching the sausage being made.

Thanks for the insight.

I was like…“so what’s this thread? Dudes only or something?” HAHA!

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I thought the same thing. Lol! (But notice I let myself in anyway) :wink:

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This is great!! Love hearing about all the other stuff going on. Thanks @LaurelStewart

Totally interesting! I’d keep it. Maybe you should pawn the editing off on some of us teachers. My red pen is ready! :wink:

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