The Rohdes, Less Traveled

New series on Disney Parks YouTube channel ICYMI


Joe Rohde is very fun to follow on Instagram too.

Joe Rohde is AMAZING.
He is a super talented imagineer and a genuinely exceptional human being. Smart AF to boot. The world needs more Joes

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openly contemptuous of Disney’s standards of dress and personal grooming, showing his caustic derision for the simple heartland values of heartlanders from the heartland of U.S. America.

He has also been seen consuming intoxicating liquors.

The man may very well be history’s greatest monster.


Can someone explain the joke to me?

Very cool, thx!

Hopefully a picture is worth a fair amount of words:

But mostly I think the kitty was being sarcastic as cats are wont to do…


Ok, thanks. I wouldn’t be watching him. That dangly-ear thing makes me nauseous.