The ride overhaul game

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it. You have been assigned the top Imagineer tasked to re-imagine an existing ride. You get to pick the ride. The only caveat to the changes you make? You must keep the existing ride mechanics/layout intact. Everything else is fair game.

I have one in mind, but I will wait to see what other ideas folks come up with.

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Simple: return Figment to his previous state


Yeah I’m going to steal that too!


I would say neither of you have any imagination…except that would be ironic considering the ride choice!


Re-theme ToT to Winnie The Pooh : Tigger’s Ultimate Bouncing Day!!




There are many I could get on board with, but IMHO Gran Fiesta Tour needs to be rethemed to Coco. As much as I love Three Caballeros (and I hit the ride every time I’m at Epcot), that ride is really lackluster and the effects are dated. You could keep a nod to Donald, Jose, and Panchito somewhere in the attraction.

There is so much you could do with Coco. It’s one of Pixar’s best films (my personal favorite), and captures the spirit of the pavilion nicely.


That was immediately the first thing I thought as well!


Because it is the one true correct response


I guess I should have clarified that “re-imagine” meant to come up with a NEW original take on the ride! :slight_smile:

For Figment, I thought that re-theming it to Inside Out would potentially work nicely, but I’m not sure exactly what that might entail specifically.

As far as my one ride to re-imagine…it is Test Track. I want it to drop the car theme entirely, enclose the outside track area, and create a space-themed adventure utilizing screens and projections. If it needed a sponsor, maybe SpaceX? :slight_smile:

But I can envision the tunnel section to have a jump to warp speed animation to add to the perception of speed, and the early part could easily involve some kind of space docking or avoidance of other ships, etc. Seems like it would fit into that side of the park (World Destination) nicely, now, with GotG as well…you have a mission to Mars, and a mission with the Guardians…but then have a mission to deep space in some way.

ETA: Oh…also, the enclosing of the outside portion would help with it having to shut down constantly in inclement weather.


100000000000% agree!!! Disney needs some Coco!!!


Ok I have another one. Stitch needs a ride worthy of his caliber. There is soooooooooooo much Stitch merch, but no attraction after that awful excuse for one was closed. I would retheme Buzz to Stitch in Tomorrowland. Toy Story has it’s own land so that wouldn’t be a big loss, but would be a huge addition.


OK, so, this might be a bit of a stretch.
Touchstone Pictures is one of Disney’s distribution labels. What if we took the boring, dated, Mission: Space ride and tweaked it into an Armageddon ride?


Good idea!

You’re thinking outside the box there too. Albeit a box that you drew yourself :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:
Either way, it’s made me consider the fact that the re-theming doesn’t have to have IP.

Given this, I would like to re-theme the MK railroad to a time travel adventure. It still loops the park as usual, but on arrival and departure from each station, there are immersive screens that make it seem like you are looking out over the park during different decades.
Obviously the 80s would have the best soundtrack :wink::rofl:


I agree with that. BLSRS seems out of place now that there’s a whole TS land.


I’ve thought of Coco as well for Grand Fiesta.

My version would have Donald discovering a concerned Miguel who is looking for his pet, Dante. As Donald and Miguel search Mexico, they get help from Panchito and Jose and get to see a lot of the country.


Until Chapek reviews your idea! :wink:


Oh I didn’t consider him at all.
If THAT’S part of the parameters, then it’ll need to be a cost-cutting change…
Let’s turn Mission Space into The Claustrophobia Experience - you load in and they shut the doors, turn off the lights and leave you there motionless for 5 minutes.
Zero electricity bills :+1:t2::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::rofl::rofl:


Change the ride out to Planet Watch to Judy’s train ride. See all the zones en route. Have a real ice cream place out there and a ride in a police car.


Ok I looove that idea! I also love that movie!