The return of Disney fireworks! (Sort of)

Hmm. It turns out there is no area on the forums for discussion of Disney parks that are neither WDW nor Disneyland, so I’m placing this under WDW for now.

But apparently Shanghai Disneyland is trialing the re-opening of fireworks.

I believe the amount of space they have to accommodate crowds is significantly more than WDW, which is why they can pull it off. And I can see how fireworks in Shanghai might draw in some crowds, justifying the cost.

WDW? I think they might be able to re-introduce fireworks IF they limited it by NOT offering them during normal park hours, and only offering them as a paid event (basically a dessert party or After Hours/Christmas party type event specifically with severely limited numbers). The question is if they could bring in enough revenue from party guests to pay for the fireworks? I’d think there might also be residuals in that even those not willing to pay for a special event might be more willing to return and book something OUTSIDE the park (such as at Poly or Contemporary, etc) to watch the fireworks from afar.

What do you all think? You think Shanghai’s opening portends a possibly chance to open fireworks back up in some modified form at WDW?


This is great news (sort of.) I feel though that If Disney puts a price tag on something that was previously offered for free and realize that people are willing to pay for it. Perhaps the price tag won’t go away.

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idk… From watching TDR Explorer the culture is just better at social distancing. They can mark the viewing grounds area with “spots” spaced out for stage shows and people actually follow it. No one is crowding to the front or clustering.

Again… with only about 5K in the parks it might not be so hard to do. I just have little faith in people to restrain themselves.

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I suspect Disney is trying to figure out how to re-introduce fireworks to WDW safely. I don’t think they will add anything big until Florida gets their outbreak under control, but maybe in a month or so things will be more manageable so they can consider adding something like fireworks or stage shows. They will definitely have to do it in a way that prevents crowds from forming (like making it a paid event, marking viewing locations, etc.).

My guess for WDW’s 1st nighttime show, if and when they feel ready to move forward, would be EPCOT; the park already has hours accommodating a night time performance, and it’s more conducive there to getting people to spread out (around the lake).