The Proxy votes are in & official: Disney & Iger win Proxy fight against Trian & Peltz Iger gets questioned about future Park growth

Disney Fends Off Nelson Peltz As Shareholders Back Company Board (

After the vote, Iger delivers a pre-recorded video presentation that includes description of various projects and growth at the parks world wide but no mention of anything for WDW.


Thanks! I forgot the vote was TODAY. (I knew it was this week.)

I’m not sure what to think of the results. I kind of think Disney needed a bit of a wake-up call in terms of what they are doing in the parks, and getting Trian/Peltz could have aided in that. On the other hand, maybe they are seeing more pressure regardless and will start infusing something into the parks. I guess time will tell.

I watched the meeting online. Iger did a pre-recorded video presentation and also answered a few shareholder questions. Fair amount of talk about future growth and the commitment to spend $60 Billion on future projects. One specific question about new projects at WDW, Iger deferred basically saying we will talk about that we were are ready.

Another question was about Epic Universe and why Disney is not doing anything in response. Iger said we knew about this 10 years ago and we already responded ahead of time with Pandora, Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land, GOTG, Tron, etc.

Did say that 30% of the $60 Billion will go to new technology and maintenance & renovation of existing attractions when someone asked how Disney could restore it’s image and reputation at the parks.


That, at least, is good to hear.

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