The pop-in visit to MK

So, I have been going back and forth on this, and still haven’t decided. Wondering what thoughts people might have to help me.

So, we leave for our trip to UOR a week from Saturday. And, after some discussion with my wife and such, the plan is that after four days at the parks, that Friday we spend the morning packing up the car so that we can go to Disney Springs in the later afternoon and stay until after dark. It is the closest we can get to nighttime in the parks for this trip.

Anyhow, as it turns out, I was able to score a MK APR for Friday for myself. It is free, since I have my AP still active. I tried to find an ADR so that my wife could join me, but nothing. So, I am left with a quick pop-in visit to MK.

Assuming I follow through, I would leave to be at the parking gate right at 7 am for an 8 am opening. Why? You guessed it…to ride People Mover. My plan is to do just a couple things and then be back to the house by about noon.

So, what do you think? Worth it? And if so, I am thinking PM twice and maybe SM. Perhaps get a jalapeno pretzel. Stick to Tomorrowland.


It’s the People Mover!!! Of course you need to do it.


To ride the peoplemover? 100% worth it. In fact, If I can get a plane ticket, I’ll join you :rofl:


Totally worth it! Also I’d keep checking for your wife, seems availability just pops open sometimes!


With an AP, 100% yes! Even if you just stand on Main Street.

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I don’t even understand why this is a question! A bonus morning at the Magic Kingdom? HECK YES!


You know we’ll all say yes here, so one more YES! With the AP, you can’t be that close and not do this.


I guess I should express my hesitation. It is that I have to do it alone. My wife will be back at the rental while I am there to ride PM. And while many of you are fine doing Disney alone, I just really feel awkward by myself. I am just rarely apart from my wife.

I mean, yeah…I am leaning toward going. I am just floundering and looking for more convincing I guess.


I get that, and my wife and I are similar. What did your wife say about it? If she’s really supportive of you going over there, that would empower me to shed any guilt or awkwardness and to make the most of it.

Also, think about if there’s some special item she would want in MK you might have come across in Dec or know of now, but couldn’t surprise her because she was with you. You could do that with this excursion so it’s about her too and not just you running off to have fun without her. Make it multipurpose.


Do it! Do it! Do it! And keep checking for APRs to open for her.


All of this!

Because of my anxiety, my DH has become a sort of security blanket for me. I know it’s not the same, but this might help sway you.

Anyway, a security blanket. And for many years, I was very sad when he was presented with opportunities I couldn’t go to. Until I realized I felt like the world’s biggest jerk for him abstaining because I couldn’t join him. Now I try to encourage him as much as I can. I love the idea of you getting her a gift to let her know she was on your mind though!

Also, I also agree to keep checking!


I totally support you going to MK, but maybe not this?

Can’t we find her something fun to do too if MK doesn’t become available? So she isn’t packing on her own while you’re peoplemoving? (Unless the packing is being handled elsewhen so she’s chilling at the rental by choice, of course!)


I understand this hesitation, I would feel the same. I would keep trying for a ticket, and agree is there something fun for her to do while you pop in? maybe wander the monorail resorts or something.


With an AP of course it’s worth it!

Thanks, all, for the input. Now for a long story…

It was actually my wife who suggested that if I really wanted to, I should do it.

Backing up…a couple months ago, when there was rumor mill talk that Remi’s might open up in time for our trip, we came up with a plan. I secured an APR for Epcot. We would drive to HS, and then I’d boat over to Epcot to try to ride Remi and then pick up some snacks (aka, School Bread!) and head back out while the rest of the family more leisurely would ride the Skyliner and check out the Boardwalk, etc, before we all headed over to DS for the afternoon. Well, as you all know, the whole Remi thing didn’t pan out.

Then, about a week ago, my wife said I should cancel the Epcot APR. We modified our plans for that last day. My daughter really wanted to see Universal at night. Typically, we have always spent time in amusement parks after dark as our final day, and it is usually our most memorable part of the trip. By that point we are all relaxed, having done everything, and just enjoying the sights. We have typically found DS at night to have a similar vibe for us.

Well, since UOR will NOT be open after dark for our trip, my daughter thought maybe we could do DS on our last day…but in the evening. This, being a Friday, does mean crowds will be high…but in the very least, as this is her graduation trip, gives her some of that nighttime vibe.

Since we leave early Saturday morning, my wife said we will spend Friday morning packing up and cleaning everything, and get all but our most basic necessities packed in the car so that when we leave for DS in the later afternoon, we don’t have to worry about coming back to do cleaning/packing.

It was at this point she noticed that there was availability for MK for those with an AP, and suggested that maybe I would consider going to MK to ride People Mover if I wanted, since the family was just going to be packing up and cleaning. At first I wasn’t keen on the idea of going alone, so I tried to see if I could get an APR for my wife to come with me. Since the park opened early, we could have time to go and be back with still time to get things packed. My wife wasn’t keen on the idea of leaving the kids (despite the fact my adult son and DIL would be there!) alone while we went into MK…plus, she felt spending ~$120 for a MK ticket for just a couple hours wasn’t a good use of our money.

Now, considering we are eating at Olivia’s the night before kind of late (for us), we will be getting back to the house later. This means on Friday morning, I could up and out and actually AT MK before my wife even stumbles out of bed. Most of my responsibility for the packing is getting things into the van. The rest of it she kind of prefers to handle anyhow…so she could be getting that stuff done while I’m at MK. I get back and get things loaded into the van before DS.

So I think all that’s good.

And yet…despite all that, it feels weird to leave everyone back at the rental while I head into MK. On the other hand…PEOPLE MOVER! :slight_smile: Missed opportunities to ride it in August and December, since it was closed. Now is my chance. It is my favorite ride in all of Disney, after all.

Maybe if I do go, I could bring back cream cheese pretzels for my wife. I’ll ask her. But…I’m wondering if they will still be good after about an hour and a half (how long it probably would take from the time I purchase them, to making it back to the rental).

In December, I twice went into the parks without my wife, briefly. Once, I went back into AK to meet up with @drvillarejos as well as bring back some Lumpia for my wife (and to see Pandora at night). (Lumpia doesn’t hold up well, BTW…must be eaten fresh!) Second time was when I went into Epcot on our “off day” to buy some F&W food booth items and bring them back to the room. In BOTH cases, being there alone felt…lonely.

So, while I KNOW I’ll love being able to ride PM…I fear my memory of the experience will be missing my wife. But then if I DON’T go, will I feel like I missed my opportunity for a few more years to ride PM?

Sigh Still floundering.


It sounds like she would be happy that you’re happy. Don’t deprive her of the opportunity to do something nice for you, ha. Seriously though, go enjoy the opportunity and bring back a nice treat. Pretzels seem like they will will keep for a couple hours.


It sounds like she’s trying to get rid of you for the morning. Also it sounds like she’s really encouraging you to do something you love which is nothing to feel guilty about doing. I would go and enjoy yourself because seeing you happy will make her happy as well from whst it sounds like. A sweet treat for her on the way back would be a nice little extra thank you for pushing you to enjoy your favorite ride.


What about this?

Let DS and DDIL officially babysit while you two have a “date breakfast”. Even if it’s just splitting a To Go order of something from Kona or one of the other MK resort QS/To Go places.

Then PMx2 is just something smallish you’re tacking on before or after while she does something else fun and smallish in the area. Even if it’s just chilling with a beverage on one of the beaches. That way you two get an injection of some quality “us time” to offset your quick solo jaunt into MK.

And if you go the pretzel route, she gets it while it’s much fresher.


I understand your dilemma. I don’t think I could ever do a truly solo trip unless I had friends to meet up with for dinners or such. But then again, I don’t really like to be alone except at work and then stay away. I’ve done 1 solo day at HS and 1 solo day at UOR and I loved being able to go where I wanted when I wanted. Go, enjoy MK, it’s only for 3-4 hours. There shouldn’t be any guilt and not enough time to be lonely. You’ll be on a mission after all–get to People Mover!


I would do this. Not every day you get a Disney date!

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