The Plaza - Walk-up or ADR

I am seeing conflicting reports on whether this is now a walk-up location. I am interested in ditching my Tony’s Town Square reservation. I hear that place it terrible.

Word is reservations 11-12 and walk-up after. I believe there was a thread recently saying good availability walking up. Here’s the TP Blog entry when it was first announced:

The Plaza takes ADRs for 1 hour only - I think 11-12 but it may be 12-1. Apart from that hour, it takes walk ups only. Usually not much of a wait from reports I’ve seen, probably because people don’t want to take the risk of not getting in and make an ADR elsewhere.

Tony’s does get bad reviews, I’ve never been myself.

We’ve never been to Tony’s either, but word on the street is it tastes like Chef Boyardee. I think I’ll cancel the reservation and take my chances. I’d rather eat at Casey’s than have terrible Italian.

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I think that’s a good call!

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Scrapped it and picked up an 8pm at Kona. We’ll drop a good snack on our DS4 around 5. Mom and dad are gonna get our sushi on.