The plaza or skipper canteen

Trying to decide which meal/dinner would be bettter . Right now we have the plaza for more “regular” food menu choices . There r 2 kids2adults and we r going nov/dec

I appreciate trying different types of food, so I’d go with Skipper Canteen. And I did, twice during my last trip. :slight_smile:

How was it? Especially for the usually picky kids

My extended fam of 9 (including 3 picky & 1 nonpicky kiddos). Loved it. Felt like a nice oasis in the hubub of MK, which we love, but nice to kick back as well.

The picky ones really liked the mac/cheese on the kids’ menu.

Haven’t been to Plaza yet, but I seem to remember they had more choices for picky eaters.

DH and I liked it a lot, so much that we’ve been back a few times now. We are not picky eaters, though.

I am already thinking about the Schweitzer Slush I’m going to get when we’re down there next. I like the falafel appetizer and the corn pancakes. Veg stew is my favorite entree.