The Places That You Must Eat

I have only been to Disneyland once, in 2017. I was very impressed with the food at that time.

What places do you recommend for dining, both quick service and table service? We will be staying at GC and we will not have a car.


We love Bengal BBQ! QS near Jungle Cruise with meat skewers, veggie skewer, rice etc.


That was on our list in 2017, but we ran out of spots on our list, so many choices. We will definitely do that one!


Napa Rose was absolutely amazing. I’ll be coming up on that part of my trip report soon!

Also loved our burgers at Black Tap in DTD

We mainly snacked all day. We need a trip where we just eat.


Man that’s some planning ahead!


For Quick Service:

I second Black Tap if you want a burger and shake.

Docking Bay 7 is a great option if you’re in that corner.

I love getting a corn dog at Corn Dog Castle (by the Little Mermaid in DCA) or the Red Wagon ( DL at the hub).

Cocina Cucamonga has pretty good Mexican (DCA on the Wharf).

Hungry Bear (DL by Splash Mountain) is one of our go-tos. Lots of shaded seating. Can get crowded if you don’t get there early.

Table Service:

We really loved Cafe Orleans (DL NOS) for a Monte Cristo and other Louisiana fare.

Wine Country Trattoria is my favorite option in DCA for steaks and a nicer meal.

Lamplight Lounge (DCA) and Oga’s Cantina (DL) are the most popular lounges. No substantive food at Oga’s though.


The Napa Rose section of my DLR trip report is now up


I am thinking about booking an ADR at Goofy’s Kitchen, but can’t find the price for February 2. The website says $35-59.99. Storyteller Cafe shows a breakfast and a brunch price on the menu, but not Goofy’s. I tried calling the number for general information, but they don’t know any more than I do. Any ideas on finding price? Anyone been there lately` is it worth if?

$59.99 for all meals for adults, the $35 is the kids price. This article says no characters right now, so that $59.99 is a rip off. The food wasn’t particularly good there pre-Covid, but at least there were characters. I’d eat somewhere else.
Maybe the characters have returned? This article suggests they have. But $59.99 still seems high.


I was just watching a YouTube video on Goofy’s and it did not look that appealing.
We are going to do brunch at Storytellers.
The second article that you posted above says $49 for breakfast which would be the same cost as Storytellers breakfast, brunch is $2 more. That at least is clearly stated on the website. Of, course Disney says prices can change without notice.

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We really like Storytellers, for the food and the characters. Also Carnation Cafe has great breakfast (or at least did pre-Covid).


I am looking forward to Storytellers. I was just watching videos on Carnation Cafe. I am not sure after watching that I want to do breakfast. I liked it in 2017, right now the menu is limited and the choices aren’t exciting me.

It took me until today to see the year that I had typed.


We were just at Carnation Cafe. The apple pie a la mode with caramel sauce was so good! Best pie I’ve had in a long time.


Good to know. We are booking lunch there, I am just not booking breakfast unless I change my mind. DH loves a la mode, DS loves caramel sauce.
Disneyland needs more choices in Downtown Disney open at 7 a.m. so that I can have a good breakfast before the parks open.


That would be a nice thing


For grab and go breakfast in DTD, we used to get beignets from the quick service place adjacent to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. Very authentic as someone who lived in NOLA for 14 years. Not sure if it is still open though.

For dinner we always try to go to Blue Bayou - more for the atmosphere than the food, but the filet and lobster tail entrée is pretty good. Its really hard to mess those two simple items up unless they overcook your steak. In which case you can send it back.


Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express?

It only shows a lunch and dinner menu, but it says it opens at 9am and it does offer a variety of beignets


I was disappointed the only time I’ve ever been. It was the equivalent of an Outback Steakhouse lobster tail - fine, but a little on the slimy side, not firm and plump (@OBNurseNH - make a comment and I swear … :rofl:).

But it probably varies in quality.

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That’s it. When we were there in 2017 we stayed at the DL Hotel, so we would walk by every AM to the parks and pick up beignets. They opened earlier though – 7-7:30am so we were able to still rope drop the parks.