The Nation of Norway vs Frozen

Wonder if this is true. Too funny.

I had no idea the countries fund their pavilions. I get why Norway would be annoyed funding Frozen themed gift shops. I just hope Maelstrom doesn't close anytime soon. I love those trolls telling us to disappear. smile

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Too funny. I can hear the trolls now. Although I'd bet Norway doesn't mind the post-Frozen influx of tourists coming into their country.

I initially thought it would be a great idea to have Frozen-themed stuff happening at the Norway pavilion, but on second thought, I prefer to keep the World Showcase more about the countries than about a movie franchise. Keep it at DHS.


I second that. I love Frozen as much as the next but I'm all for a little culture on vacation, even if it is Disneyfied. I wouldn't mind if "The Spirit of Norway" got a reboot though. I would also like to see the Rhine River boat ride in Germany come to fruition.


Saw that report a week or two ago and it was interesting to hear the push for government funding to update the pavilion. I haven't been able to tell if it's just this guy's opinion (he posted the news broadcast on his own Youtube page) or if there was more to it. His story wasn't completely accurate, as he referenced the meet and greet that has been in the Magic Kingdom for awhile now, but he's right about the merchandise changes.

As for the fate of Maelstrom, I'd hate to think that becomes THE Frozen ride, because it's so short. It would be a waste of all the music in the film to have a minute long boat ride be all that we get. Besides, the story fits better in the Magic Kingdom, though I could see why Disney would want another headliner attraction in Epcot and, in particular, in World Showcase.

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Funding varies by pavilion. Some were previously sponsored by corporations (AA being the most heavily sponsored - no surprise there).

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In my opinion, Frozen has NO place in Norway. Norway is a real place, Frozen takes place in a completely mythical world with vague Scandanavian overtones. It is loosely adapted from "The Snow Queen", by Han Christian Anderson, who was Danish, not Norwegian. Frozen should exist only in MK (the world of Fantasy) or in DHS (the world of film) - NOT in World Showcase (the "real" world on exhibit).


The trolls currently in Norway and the talking ducks in Mexico send their best. smile

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The character of Kristoff was largely influenced by the Sami people, who are indigenous to parts of northern Norway.

The Sami are known for herding reindeer, which may explain why Kristoff’s best buddy is a reindeer named Sven. Filmmakers visited a Sami-owned reindeer husbandry business in Roros, Norway.

I agree with @bswan26. The countries around the WS should be about the actual countries and their respective cultures.

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Some things I find odd...Has Norway been funding the pavilion ? When it originally opened, wasn't there a large tourism info/sales area occupying most of the retail space ? I assumed that left when Norway's contract ran out. Also, if Norway took it seriously, I think the movie would have been updated long ago. Finally, there's no need for cross-promotion. Maelstrom was busy before Frozen and Frozen doesn't need a ride to sell DVDs or tickets to Frozen 2.

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I love Frozen. A lot. And I wouldn't hate seeing Anna and Elsa meet here (after all, if Marie and Belle can meet in France and Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco, why can't Anna and Elsa be here?). But please, please, please leave Maelstrom alone. Please.

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Guess I'm an outlier here. I'm not a big Frozen fan at all but would love to see a Maelstrom reboot. I love that WDW is constantly changing.

Updating Maelstrom would be great. Messing with the concept of the World Showcase to the point of another princess ride in a place that was never intended to have something like that is bad.


"Rumor" has it that Maelstrom was originally supposed to be almost twice it's current length, but it was cut do to cost. I'm all for an extensive refurb, but it needs to remain relevant to the country of Norway, not to a movie.

And for the record, El Rio del Tiempo in its original incarnation was MUCH better than the Donald Duck overlay (and I'm a big time DD fan...).


@bswan26 I agree I like a lot of the original Epcot Rides. I am not over fond of Donald in El Rio del Tiempo, I miss the original rides of Figment (Dreamfinder), Horizons, World of Motion. I understand some needed to be spruced up, but I am not over fond of their replacements.

I have no problems with characters having a greeting spot in Epcot, but it is not a showcase for Disney character, but that country.

And I have to admit I agree with @Sam2071, I am sorry I just don't get the Frozen craze, it was okay. Ducking now.

Agree! I still sing the El Rio del Tiempo song and would much rather watch the actual cliff divers than Donald falling off a cliff!

And I sing the old Listen to the Land song.

It just goes along with the theme that everything done to Epcot Center over the years is pretty much for the worse.. lol Including killing its name.