The muppets present... timings

It seems to me that the Muppets shows (except the first one) are optimizing to the wrong times. We have the show in a plan on the morning of 11/15 and while the show is at 10:30 and it indicates as such next to the show, it optimizes as if the show was at 10:10. It does something similar for the show before it. Is there a work around for this sort of thing?

E-mail explaining the problem and giving them the plan URL. They usually can sort these things out pretty quickly.

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I noticed that they have the wrong times for the Muppet Show as well. I just figured they would update them soon, but if it hasn’t been done I would let them know.

Are you sure it’s not just telling you to get there early? I’ve noticed it doing that on some of my touring plans, it assumes you want to get a decent spot for parades and such?

As of right now, it appears the times are wrong…I don’t have this show in my plans until Dec 6th and the times for that date haven’t been released yet, so I assumed TP was just guessing. But the times are wrong.