The morning after a dessert party

What time do you plan on being at the park the morning after a dessert party? We have the Frozen Ever After Illuminations party booked for July. I had planned to do EMH at AK the following morning but I just worked out my TP for our FEA evening and think we won’t make it back to the resort until pretty late.

Epcot + FEA is our first day and AK would be our first full day in the park of the trip. I’m now thinking I should plan to arrive around 9 that day instead of 7:45 for EMH. Goals in AK for that day include FPs for FOP (hopefully), KS and either EE/KRR plus Rafiki’s, FotLK, MJT and GFT. I feel like KRR will be easier to hit around 9:30 in stand by than EE but I’m wondering if we should save a FP for KRR to be able to cool off when we’re sweltering later in the day.

Anyone have thoughts on which we should FP? Park arrival time at 9 a reasonable goal?

Edited to add: we have a second AK day this trip, also EMH, so I could probably just wait until that day to ride KRR. I’d like to ride EE at least once both days as it’s my son’s favorite.

I have a similar situation. We are doing the HEA dessert party and have Animal Kingdom (with EMH) the next day. Once I secured my Fast Pass for FOP I decided we would forgo EMH and stroll in leisurely at 10 AM. I made our Fast Passes starting at 10. We got FP’s for FOP, KS and KRR. I plan to do Single Rider Line for EE and my husband will hang out with the kiddos. Can you utilize Single Rider or do you all want to ride together?

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Potentially…this trip will be me, DS7, DD8, DD5 and DNiece13. Unless she has a major growth spurt, DD5 will be too short to ride. I think my niece and my son would ride solo. And I think I would trust my niece to hang with DD5 if I wanted to run up and ride. DD8 was too scared to ride last trip so if decides to be brave I’d really not want her first ride to be alone.

FWIW, my TP still has me using a 9:30 FP for EE before heading to the SB line for KRR at 9:42 with a 6 minute wait so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Sounds like a winner to me!

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The morning after. I’ve had many “mornings after” - but they didn’t involve desserts (well, “liquid desserts” maybe). Personally I’d be up and ready for RD the next day (regardless of the time), but I don’t have kids to mobilize and rarely get more than 6-7 hours of sleep on any night…



I’m with you. I run on 5-6 hours during the week. Last trip I was on the boat to MK at 8 after DAH the night before. Just trying to plan conservatively and not wear the kids out by day 2. :grimacing:

Really depends on your family. When my kids were young, didn’t matter how late they were out the night before… I DREAMED of them sleeping in past 6:30 - so we’d be ready no problem to rope drop the next day, knowing that day would HAVE to be a short one (early bedtimes then). Now that they are teens, I can dream of them waking by 10am so we can get started. I like the water ride in mid-afternoon for cooling off though. solid!


Ours were like that for a long time. My middle two still are for the most part. But my oldest and my youngest will sleep until 9 or later sometimes! It always feels so weird. Lol.

I may have taught my oldest that he couldn’t get out of bed until the first number on his clock was 6, and the second number was at least a 3. And then I may have set his clock back in time by 20 minutes. Worked for more than a year before he noticed his clock was different then all the other clocks in the house.


Bahaha! Man, you gotta do what you need in order to survive.