The Mad Tea Party: Do the Cups Spin?

Hi all! I’m working on my touring plan and have a question about the teacups. Does it have a wheel in the middle so you can spin it more while you’re riding, or does the actual teacup stay stationary while the ride spins? The reason I ask: if it’s the extra self-spinning type, my kids and I will want to go on many, many times. We have iron stomachs when it comes to that type of ride. :slight_smile: (if any of you are familiar with Dutch Wonderland, we go on the Turtle Whirl about 10 times per visit.)


yes the ride spins and turns, since you and your children like to spin yourselves - there is a wheel in the center to spin them more if you wish. Make sure to look up at the top of teapot!

Ah, the Turtle Whirl - a one and done for my DD. She can do the ones that spin more or less depending on the riders, which happily, as the PP said, the tea cups are in this camp. DH, DD7, and DS5 enjoyed them immensely last year - and motion sick mom was happy to be the sideline photographer!

LOL, that would be my husband…taking pictures of the rest of us on the Turtle Whirl as we laugh like maniacs! Thank you both for answering!

It no one spins middle it is not too bad.