The Lone Ranger

I finally got around to watching The Lone Ranger and i really liked it! I did love The Lone Ranger growing up but I dont get why so many people hated it.

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We forgot to cancel our Disney Movie Club Selection one month last year and it happened to be that... It's still in the Shrinkwrap lol. For me I'm tired of seeing Johnny Depp in EVERYTHING.

I'd never ever ever ever ever get tired of looking at Johnny Depp. I like the Lone Ranger too! And not just because of the eye candy.

I'm generally a little bit of a movie snob and I agree completely. I guess it could be the Depp thing but he was good in it. I suppose it's the whole idea of unoriginality in big Hollywood and remaking another old show had that stink on it. Too bad because it was as good as some of them of the avengers stuff and better than the dc and latest xman stuff. God knows it was better than the Michael Bay transformers or gi joe crap.