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I think the issue is that the demand for MP is driven mostly by a 2-3 rides in each park so those individual rides would have to be priced very high to maintain the same revenue as the current MP system.

EP is the extreme example. Remy really drives people to buy G+ (or soon to be MP). If on a $30 MP day Remy is priced at $15, FEA at $10 and Soarin at $5, them WDW isn’t going to generate the same revenue with the expanded SP concept compared to only selling MP because many people will purchase Remy and nothing else (or maybe Remy plus one other). So to solve this issue WDW could price Remy at $22, FEA at $12 and Soartin’ at $8 … at which point most Remy buyers would just buy the full MP.

The SP concept seems most workable for HS which has many high demand rides, but the pricing calculation is still tough to try to match MP revenue. For HS I could see moving SDD to ILL with Rise and then leaving the rest of the attractions on MP.


We paid $25/person ($100 for 4 of us) to ride Rise at HS last week. It seemed like highway robbery given that it is not a new attraction. But we paid it to avoid S/B… so I guess we are part of the price gouging problem.


It’s roughly as reliable as a 50 year old attraction.


Do we know what date is the primary one for the 7 days in advance, Hotel reservation or date based ticket?

For example, I check in late on Aug 8. Since it will be late, my 4 day magic ticket will not be dated until Aug 9. Will my 7 days begin on Aug 1 (7 days prior to my Aug 8 resort reservation) or Aug 2 (7 days before my date based ticket)? From how it is stated in this thread, it is Aug 1, but want to make sure since my park tickets won’t start until Aug 9.

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Hotel reservation trumps ticket type and date. So in your example, Aug 1.


Thank you Jeff, that is what I was hoping to read! I thought that is how it worked, but this is the first time I have been in the dated ticket world where a date like this mattered.