The Life expectancy of a magic band?

Happy New Year everyone!
I wondered how long a magic band works? A CM had told me the battery lasts about 2 years but I wondered if anyone had experience with trying to use an old band? I’m heading to WDW In May 2016 and have a band from Feb 2014 and Sept 2015. Would the 2014 band still work do you think?

Funny, I was just talking to a family member about this the other day. We too have two year old MBs but honestly I have no idea which ones are two year, one year… My son is worried about his Christmas 2014 band since it makes special noises and lights.

I am going to deactivate all my old ones and start fresh to avoid issues. The 2015 one should be fine. Are you staying onsite? Get new ones.

Yes I’m staying on site. I have a new one all set to be picked up when I get there. I like taking my old ones so I can switch out the different colours depending on the day. I gave my 2014 one to a coworker to use on their Disney Infinity system and it still worked there, but would rather be safe than sorry so will probably not take it on my trip.

So glad you just asked this, I was just about to start a new thread and I decided to search…

We have a trip this April at the Dolphin (no new bands) and we want to use our old bands (from November 2014), but how do we know if they still work or not? I want to link our tickets on MDE to the bands, but how do I even know if they’re still active? If I take the chance and they aren’t still active, what happens when we get to the resort? We like using them but we don’t want to pay for new ones.

If you log on to your MDE account you can check the status of all your magic bands. If it says “Active” then they will automatically have all your linked reservations etc on them. I would think your Nov '14 bands should still work.
I had a band from Feb 2014 that I used in Sept 2015 and it still worked fine.

I know what you mean though, it would be nice if there was a way (other than on Disney property) to test the battery of a band to see if it is still working.

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Any updates on whether this worked or life expectancy of magic bands? We want to do the same thing for a Dolphin stay - magic bands will be three years old at the time. I understand the magic bands will still work for entry and FP - but will they work for Memory Maker?