The Lesser Tier Stuff

I’m studying for an upcoming trip. Hopefully fall 2021 if everything falls into place. I know the dining choices, snacks, drinks, hotels, and rides. UEP will be non-negotiable. Probably 4 park to park days so we can do everything we want to in a RELAXED manner, and enjoy the resort pool mid-day every day, too. Dad (me) and kids will be doing ALL of the big thrill rides more than once. Mom will only go on mid grade thrill rides - think like Slinky Dog Dash as her limit.

I’m starting in on which shows or diversions are the ones that you think are “Do Not Miss.” Mom absolutely loves WDW, even though she thought she would hate it. I do all of the planning, and told her about all of the shows, and diversions, but she still thought of WDW as just a bunch of rollercoasters. I planned out a very good balance of shows and fun stuff, and she was thrilled to go back each time.

Just like WDW, I’m finding it hard to find info on the street shows, and stage shows (if there are any) and parades, and any other little entertainment treasures that don’t get the hype they deserve. Examples in WDW that we loved:
(Yes, I know some things are currently cancelled:)
Epcot street performers like Sergio, The french chair balancers, Chinese Acrobats, Jammitors)
Dapper Dans
Green Army Men Parade
Epcot Jumping Fountains (wish I knew about those before I went the first time)

Mom’s a sucker for any live singing/dancing type of show either on the street or a dinner show (Yes, Hoop De Doo is always a must)

I do know that UOR has these types of street shows. Any general consensus on which ones are “do not miss if you have the time?”

Are there other awesome little diversions throughout the parks (like Epcot’s jumping fountains, or the Green Army Men parade/performance) that are not on any attraction lists?

The first thing I thought of was the Blues Brothers. There has always been a regularly scheduled street show during my visits (pre Covid).


Do you have a Universal Touring Plans Subscription? If you do there is a free Harry Potter ebook to help touring (before Hagrids I believe)

We absolutely loved the Blues Brothers. They brought the ambiance of smoky club, yet with being able to breathe.

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Thanks. Chicago kid here, so, yes, we’ll prolly make the kids suffer thru the Blues Brothers as long as we can!

Am I correct that there are no real “set” showtime for street performances like there used to be in World Showcase? It’s more of a show up and see the list of the day’s performances posted at the front of the park?

I will admit I struggle with their app but I think you can often see show times

I can’t get the list to work, but I can use the maps (plus filter set to also show the shows) in the app

Show times are on the Universal website…

In addition to Blues Brothers make sure to see Celestina Warbeck in Diagon Alley, it’s a singing show with specialty created songs for the Wizarding World. Also in Diagon Alley is Tales of Beedle the Bard, a puppet show retelling fables - it’s really good. Frog Choir and Tri-Wizard Rally are ok shows in Hogsmeade. In USF there are also two other street shows: Beat Builders (construction themed drumming show) and a Marilyn Monroe singing show. These are all outdoors.

Two other shows I suggest people not miss are Horror Make-Up and Bourne Stuntacular. Horror Make-Up is a comedy show that covers the special effects used in classic horror movies (think fake knives, fake blood, etc). It’s comedy first and not very scary, the hosts really make it. Bourne is an action stunt show and is worth your time.


I remember having no trouble getting this kind of info when I planned a Nov 2019 trip. I think my starting point was the TP book about UO, but that info is also on their website, as the subscription. There are a lot of shows (at least there were). There are some nice Harry Potter ones scheduled throughout the day. There is also an animal actors one.

The singer in the HP area is awesome. Warwick? Something like that. I need to catch every version.


I love the Tale of the Three Brothers in Diagon Alley. Even if you don’t know Harry Potter, the show is fantastic. Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees in Diagon Alley was also great, and I loved Beat Builders. I don’t know what you think of meet and greets, or even if they are doing all of them right now, but if you like Transformers, I enjoy the meet and greet with Transformers. Spider-Man, Shrek and Donkey and the Minions meet and greets are also fun.


Have you ever seen her Christmas show? It was extremely funny.

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Blues Brothers and Beat Builders were earmarked already. Three Bros, The Banshees, and Celestina Warbeck, I have never heard of. AWESOME Intel. Tks!

Horror Makeup too! Right up our alley!

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Not yet, but I will no doubt get one. I’m a very big fan of the software. I’m hoping most of these shows are already set up in the software with times to create a personal tp. For some reason, I was thinking the shows here were not as structured as wdw.

Yes, all these times are ready to be applied to your plan:


Now I know some of WDW’s shows, it says “click to select prefered time” But, there is no option for that on the UOR touring plans. But it’s really not necessary as it automatically chooses the nearest time according to your plan.

If you get the subscription look at the free ebook!

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Free ebook? Is this something new?

No! They have been available for a few years. One is about the value resorts, the other about Universal and everything Harry Potter (before Hagrids )

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Thank you. How did I never notice that? The combo of “Free” and “Book” starts my Pavlovian drool reaction.

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TP FTW! (Again)

Still interested in the little side distractions that are not listed anywhere. I know there have to be some.

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