The kids' menu

Has anyone ever had issues with ordering from the Kid’s menu at Disney while not ordering anything from the Adult menu? Do they enforce any specific ages?

For example, while watching a food vlogger talk about the offerings at Woody’s Lunchbox, he mentioned a specific item that there is an adult version and kid version for. Kid version was just smaller, but otherwise identical. He actually ordered the kid version (presumably because he wanted to try multiple items).

But this got me to wondering if people do this regularly? Truth is, it seems ideal at times to just get the smaller sized portion and save the money for a later snack item. With all the walking, etc., I’d rather get several smaller meals over a few larger meals when just doing counter service.

We actually did this at Universal Studios to save money at the Captain America Diner. We ordered all kid’s burgers because they were the exact same burgers with just fewer fries and no additional tomato/lettuce.

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At QS places why would they care? For all they know you’re ordering from that place for the kids because all the adults ate sushi (or whatever) earlier. I don’t see how they could verify that kids meals were for kids…

I’ve never had a problem with this at counter service. No way for anyone to know who you’re ordering for anyway when you order/pick up at the window. I’m pretty sure Disney prices the kids meals appropriately for the size so they still make their money.

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I have done it regularly. I always feel like the portion is fine for me and have never had a problem ordering.

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I’ve done this a bunch as well. I think the kid’s burgers are smaller, but often I want a smaller meal anyway. Sometimes they come with a drink (you can get a soft drink) which makes it much cheaper than an adult meal + drink.

I pre-ordered a kid’s meal for lunch at BOG in July, since none of the adult allergy options worked for me. The server who brought the food didn’t look at me funny when I said it was mine (and there were no kids at our table anyway). At Columbia Harbor House, when I told the cashier that I needed to order off the allergy menu and I wanted chicken tenders, she asked me if I wanted the adult or kid’s portion. So I chose the kid’s. Both times, the kid’s meal was the perfect size for what I wanted, and it was cheaper. Win win!

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Awesome. Thanks, everyone, for the feedback! Since we’ll be eating aplenty at our ADR locations, I’m sure, having the option to use the kid menu will be great.