The I'm on hold and chat topic

So I’m listening to Indy music whilst waiting to book Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine, I’m in the UK so its11:20AM and just been brought very important supplies by my wife(Tea and a digestive)

Called as lines opened and said 9 minute wait…now at almost 20!

whats anyone else on and holding for?

oooh haunted mansion now



I noticed in another thread that your trip dates were the same time as our visit so tea and digestives will be a nice snack then if your wife would be so kind as to deliver to our site at Fort Wilderness. I am just about to start booking my reservations but all we have is coffee and shortbread:(

oh cool, I love shortbread. no more calls for me till thursday then I have loads to book :slight_smile:

I’m hoping the RV I’m renting comes with a proper biscuit tin but now I’m not even sure if Americans have those?!

In North America we would call them a cookie jar not a biscuit tin and unfortunately a rental RV would not be equipped with one but they can be found quite inexpensively if you need to pick one up whilst you are here. Cheer

Sorry has to be made of tin :wink: never mind Americans can’t make biscuits anyway.

I do love a nice soft cookie or snickerdoodle though!