The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge Dessert Trio Price

I want to visit the lounge and was doing a rough budget. There is no amount listed for the Dessert Trio and I even called and they do not have the price, either. Anyone know anything?

I took this picture on my trip this past March:


Oh, thank you! Now, DH can get one trio, I’ll get another trio, and we can try all 6!

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I went with the blueberry cobbler, grapefruit cake, and chocolate crémeux…

The cobbler was so-so, the grapefruit cake was a really odd texture, but the crémeux… :heart_eyes:

… Was heavenly. I’ll be back next week and I plan to ask if I can order just three of those! :joy:

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I’ve been wanting to try that grapefruit cake for years so I know it’s for sure going to be on my plate. The chocolate looks divine. Thanks for sharing your picture and your experience!

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I am not a grapefruit fan but that cake is pretty darn good. And I agree, the crémeux was very good.

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