The good, the gooder and the goodest

I’m a tired puppy and we left Epcot to crash at BLT tonight so I’ll start a report. Background: me and DH who are youngish empty nesters. Arrived 10/26 for 1 night stay at BLT plus 8 nights at BLT renting DVC points.

  1. flight delayed on 26th. no big. arrived blt at 12:35 am. asked if we could stay in same room for 2nd part of stay. they assured me yes. checked again next morning
  2. mk on 27th … eemh so worth it. mostly ditched my tp but got a ton done. Got to meet @Shanneepantslovesdisney and her DH
  3. DH loved coq AU Vin at BOG
  4. I love splash mountain. no news here
  5. went back to room to find other folks stuff in our room. I was a good girl and made jokes but stood my ground. I was not moving. btw. we did not get our room request but DH loves our room view…score
  6. it poured rain, but then when it cleared, we took boat over to WL and ate at Geyser Point. met a couple on their honeymoon and DH and I celebrating our 33rd anniversary. couple asked what it takes to stay married this long…I had no clue
  7. watched mnsshp fireworks from CR bridge and crashed.
    notes: @OBNurseNH…yes geyser point is amaze balls. if doing BOG lunch, order ahead…like yall didn’t know that

    eemh rocks out loud

hope I’m doing this right… day 2.

  1. epcot. .awesome day. again plans went by wayside. food and wine festival delish, but when 90 degrees it puts curb on appetite. best booth flavors from fire…the burger and the corned beef were killer good

eta. did behind seeds tour just for DH. he asked so many questions that we missed a fastpass
2. did skyride from epcot to hs. had to laugh as we rode with 3 ladies from Quebec who only spoke french and DH kept asking them questions in english. finally had to tell dh to stop talking
3. hs. got last minute fast pass for toy Story mania. dh killed me.
4. best cast member was Mike at Baseline tap house
5. rode smugglers run with 30 minute wait. engineer is best cause you can sit on your butt and push buttons
6. ogas cantina…fun but 13 bucks for a beer…smh
7. star wars dessert party. not real good food and IMHO fantasmic much better.
7. once again…no wait for transportation. …awesome


It was lovely to meet you both. I wish we had some extra time that we could have walked around and spent some real time with you. I think we would have had a fun time together. VA isn’t too far from PA. Maybe a real meet would be fun.

I love the EEMHs. I wish that they would keep those.

Your report is great so far.


ME TOO! I wish we had them for my trip!


Like that Hokie shirt!


day 3 …I’m way behind.

  1. took boat from CR to ft wilderness lodge to look at my fave resort. surprise, surprise. …DH struck up a 20 minute conversation with a CM in the lobby (shhh I secretly love that about him)
  2. went to ft. Wilderness and rented bikes and checked out Halloween decorations.
  3. mnsshp…so much fun. yes it was crowded. rides flow so much better without fpp. I love that parade. got to sit on ground in plaza garden to watch fireworks. not blocked off for dessert party for some reason. DH absolutely loved the fireworks.
    okay, not remembering stuff now
    that’s us in front

day whatever. i dunno. Wednesday ish

  1. slept late for old peeps…7 am. after mnsshp I needed it.
  2. took bus to ak and then akl. wasn’t expecting DH to strike up a conversation with CM. …hahaha.
  3. fotlk package…freaking awesome. do this
  4. dah ak not worth price but I absolutely loved fop… crazy fun

Looks like you’re having a great time! But honestly, don’t you think the bellhop should have taken a look around and double-checked with the desk before leaving those other guests’ bags? :thinking:

The bike riding sounds so nice- we really need to make time to explore that whole area. It sounds lovely.

Your DH sounds like my sis- she instantly makes friends with anyone standing nearby. (Once or twice I even just took off for the nearest watering hole, she found find me there when she was done!)


well, it could have been the other folks delivered their own bags and left. who knows they may have said something and were told it would be taken care of. I could tell when I went to front desk they were hoping I would move. and I would have if I hadn’t unpacked and had groceries delivered already


Day 5. Halloween
The two late nights back to back were starting to get to me, so I modified some fastpasses and got a later start.
Did a few things in FW and then back for more food and wine. DH got the corned beef from Flavors from Fire again and this time it was huge.
I didn’t get to try all the things I planned because well…just too much food especially in the heat.
Had planned to stay for Epcot Forever, but punted and went back to room.
We lucked out and got to see the Epcot fireworks from our room and then got to see MK fireworks from observation deck at top of BLT because our room is just down the hall.

I don’t know if we have just been lucky, but all week we have only had to wait 5 minutes max for bus or monorail. Have not needed Uber at all.

also getting real concerned about the Eiffel tower…seems to be leaning more and more :wink: the ancient pyramids too


day 7 saturday

did eemh magic kingdom and really did not need fast passes but used them anyway. 5th time for splash and DH said please tell me we don’t have to do this again…kill joy.
back to room and over to disney springs to bowl at splittesville and watch the heart breaker of a game for virginia tech
back to mk for HEA…seriously these made me cry


What happened on day 6 Friday? I’m intrigued!

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Well spotted! I didn’t realise it was missing!

good catch. I knew I left that day out and wondered who would notice. I’ll get there momentarily


Okay back track to day 6.
Hollywood studios and the beginning of too much food.

  1. we did all we wanted. DH and I are not big fans of TOT or Rnrc…I know…we are wimps.
  2. Got to meet @DumboRunner
  3. spent way too much time at baseline tap house
  4. Glad I had sdd fastpass…I have to admit sdmt is better imho
  5. went to guest experience to give kudos to a cm. as we were leaving, DH said and I have another cm doing a great job…it was the young man writing down what I said about the cm i was praising. dh rocks
  6. Raglan Road. we sat so close to stage that we could have played the fiddle ourselves. and the food was killer good

day 8 and last day…sadly. yep I forgot day 7 I’m stooooopid

  1. cali grill brunch. I was so excited for this because we did this 3 years ago and it was knock your socks off good. not so much this time. don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic but it only knocked one sock off. we had a window table and the self serve food was fantastic. I ordered the lobster eggs benedict and it just was not good. and I never complain. I should have sent it back but I didn’t. I still highly recommend this brunch, but if you don’t like something. …send it back.
  2. ak after full belly…not a good idea. but golly I love fop

wrap up. so we catch tragical express tomorrow.

  1. do not overpack
  2. do not overplan
  3. do not schedule too many ts meals
    this has been an incredible trip…we had some snafus but when all said and done, the good far outweighed the bad.BY FAR

and finally


Oh wow!! I am tearing up now at your pics and just remembering how awesome HEA was in August!


Loved when you said “it only knocked one sock off” :joy: Thanks for the report!

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