The Good and Bad Jan 24-29

Just got back last night. Just a few quick thoughts.
Went to MK on Wed, HS on Th, AK on Fri, and Ep on Sat. Crowds were great until Saturday at Epcot. Kids rode Everest 8 times in a row Friday night. Loved TH for breakfast. Great food, really like Mama M at HS too. Although it was really to much food.
Ep was packed on Saturday. Could not really even walk through World Showcase with the kids. It was just to crowded. Never got to ride TT, line was consistently 60-70 min.
Ohanna- Food was wonderful. Service was awful. We sat forever waiting on our drinks. Then we sat and waited on our salad, then we waited on apps. There were a good 20 minutes that we waited between getting shrimp and then the steak, another 20 min and then chicken. It was horrible. And it was not everyone. The table beside us had a different waiter, there stuff came out quick. They always had drink in their cup ( we sat with no drink for a very long time, several times) and brought them more of what ever they asked for quickly.
Cape May Seafood- Food was good, but would not do it again. Don’t think we ate enough for the cost.
We had 50 snacks- that is a LOT to eat!!!

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Wow that’s super packed. We were there on 4th of July and it wasn’t even terrible until an hour or so before the fireworks. I wonder why is was so hectic? Also, wonder why the Touring Plans has that day scored a a 6 out of 10. Your experience seems to indicate it was most certainly a 10.

The new Arts Festal and Pro-Bowl- both are new, so I don’t think TP had anything to go off of for crowd levels.


Oddly though they say they predicted a 6 and it was a 6. Seems someone may have been misinformed.

It would have felt crowded as tons of people go to Epcot at the weekend when there’s a festival. But the crowd level is based on the ride times from 11-5. If all those people are wandering WS and queuing a food booths, they’re not waiting for rides.

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Thanks for sharing.

We were there 1/14- 1/23!

Similar disappointment with Ohana. I had very high expections but we definitely did not get the “wow” factor that most talk about. Our head waiter was very, very nice. But the hostess & the assistant waiter were bad/off-putting. The ukelele player finished right as we got seated and didn’t start again until we were finishing dessert. No coconut race, no leis. Just skewers of food (delicious, but without the “extras” it just was not special). To top it off, Wishes wasn’t until 10 that night. I blew it on the fireworks viewing. So, I feel like we had about as opposite an experience as possible from what most have enjoyed there. I need a do-over!