The genies lamp has gone out

R.I.P Mr. Williams


Oh! This makes me very sad.

Sad…amazing talent gone.

This makes me so very sad. :’(

Very, very tragic.

Goodnight nanoo nanoo

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Makes me so incredibly sad. His talent was unbelievable. No one could have done Aladdin better.

The world just lost an amazing talent. This breaks my heart.

“Genie, I wish for denial.” NO!!!

Very sad!

I’m so sad for his family.

RIP He will be missed.

I didn’t make this but saw it. Some wonderful tributes being created tonight.


I’m heartbroken

We’ll Miss You Mr. Williams! Thank you for all the laughter you brought us! You were such a talented man!

His movies were many, and showed just what a talent he was. He will be missed, he was one of the greats. For the moment we are sadden with his passing, but soon will give him the tribute in laughter as he was best suited.

Goodbye and thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

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