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Hi all,

I’m heading to DLR next week an and have a question about rapid stacking…

I’m assuming once I modify to a “keeper” I can continue to modify it until I get a later return time that works with my plan. This seems to be a DLR-specific question since return times don’t advance as quickly…

Do I have that right?

Thanks for all the wonderful insight!

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There is no limitation on modifying a LL unless it has expired (excluding grace period). So you can modify as many times as you like.


Alright I’m 90 days away finally from my trip so I am trying to info dump as much as possible.
Does the trick still work if you have a late fast pass and get a replacement one (can’t remember the term) you can go to your late fast pass any time but it leaves the bonus fast pass intact ?


I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of this with the fast pass system but it sounds cool!
There is an advanced thread that gives you all the tips and trick. If you are looking to go above and beyond with you Genie+ usage- thats the place to get your PhD.
I don’t THINK we will see the Genie+ changes as soon as 3 months from now but it is still a possibility. So be cautioned that your lightening lane prep could be turned upside down.

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Sort of. This is an advanced strategy discussed in the La Cava Advanced Genie + strategy thread.

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Thanks I’ll head over to that thread


Oh, is it sorta the RS strategy? I couldn’t figure what he meant. And I don’t want to miss anything!

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That’s what I was thinking


Just to clarify: If I make a reservation at 8am, but modify it at 9am, does the next reservation open at 10am?

I’m trying to figure out the stacking thing. The advice I’ve seen previously, was to make a reservation as soon as you enter the park, and then modify it to a “better time” once you are in line for your first ride. I’m assuming is that so you can stack the reservations later in the day, but still make your next reservation at 10am. Or else, you might as just wait until the time you want pops up and make the reservation then.

Attached is my tentative plan, but I feel like I could get more LL’s if I stack earlier.
Touring Plan Tu California .pdf (708.3 KB)

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Correct, unless you use that LL before then (which is usually the case in practice since LL return times advance slowly in the morning).

In other words, modifying does not reset the 2-hour clock. Also remember that you can only modify within the same park that you booked the original LL for. If you cancel and rebook, the 2-hour clock is reset.