The Garden Walk in the Cabana Bay/Sapphire/RPR/VB area

Walking to different places using the Garden Walk on this side of the Universal Orlando property can be a little confusing depending on where you want to go. I will try to explain some important details the best I can.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort route in red

  • This path connects Cabana Bay to the parks and CityWalk area. You can see this route including the loop and overpass (marked in bright red), which takes you along Hollywood Way.

  • Cabana Bay has a private entrance to Volcano Bay. If staying at a different hotel and walking to the VB private entrance, meet up with this path. But always make sure to follow the signs to Cabana Bay and not the signs to Volcano Bay. The Volcano Bay signs will take you behind Aventura to the bus drop off area where the majority of guests arrive at and the entrance line can move very slow. After arriving at the main entrance to Cabana Bay on foot, you’ll follow the Volcano Bay signs to the private entrance.

Royal Pacific route (including to Sapphire Falls) in green

  • This path is a little quicker, more private, and extra scenic between the parks/CityWalk and Aventura/Sapphire Falls than the standard path that Universal recommends along the Hollywood Way road. After leaving the parks/CityWalk, pay attention to the signs at the interchange circled in blue. If you want to take this route, ignore the signs to Sapphire Falls/Pacifica Way. Note that the signs will want to redirect you to the loop overpass but keep walking towards Royal Pacific. See sign below.

  • If coming from Aventura, you’ll walk through the Sapphire Falls lobby and go down to the lower level to the Garden Walk to get to the parks, or to access the Water Taxi shown in yellow on the map.

  • If visiting Aventura or Sapphire Falls Resorts when staying at Royal Pacific, or vice versa, you’ll want to take this shortcut route.


We’re going to be staying at Sapphire Falls again for HHN and our biggest issue was our room cards not opening gates on the walkways to/from the boat landing.


I’m not familiar with this side of UOR at all. To go from RPR to CityWalk is that the route from the blue circle in red in the top right?


Yes, and lots of signage for that.

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Thanks! I’ll be solo and staying at RPR for the first time, and it will be late Nov so getting dark really early. I’m a little nervous! But there’s a water taxi isn’t there.



Added the RPR Water Taxi location to the map


Great info, bebe80!

I’ll just add that if you want to walk from CBBR, the north side of the resort, where the Exterior Family Suites are, is closer to the walking path. Once we had a room near the corner of Castaway and Thunderbird and it was very convenient - the walking path is right there.