The future of WDW queues?

Shanghai Disney is testing out the “Disney Standby Pass”…

What is a Disney Standby Pass?

A Disney Standby Pass is an online reservation tool launched by Shanghai Disney Resort to help guests better plan their queuing schedule for a more relaxed park experience. For attractions where the Disney Standby Pass is applicable, the corresponding attractions are only open to guests who hold either a Disney Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access for the corresponding time period. You can pick up a Disney Standby Pass — available on the Shanghai Disney Resort Official App
for no extra charge and subject to availability, so you can wait in line for the attraction within your selected time frame.

This sounds like a virtual queue with drops every hour. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


Ooh. I wish Universal’s VLP worked like this. It gets around the scheduling out for the whole day problem.

It is interesting that they are only (at the moment) doing a single ride. But I have to believe this will be similar to how it will work in WDW as well, so trying it out at Shanghai first makes sense.

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