The Final Countdown (Imagine the music yourself)

So, we are less than twenty days away from our trip. FPP made. And tweaked. And made again.

ADR’s mostly set. Added those things I can think of to make everything special.

Packing lists on Google Keep pretty much ready to roll…

Checking the math on bridging my 7 day PH to an AP… and rechecking that math.

Touring plans made, and adjusted for new park hours…

Room request fax ready to go.

So, I feel like I have nothing else to do but wait.

Oh well, looking forward to a nice long vacation in WDW.

Oh, and if you couldn’t imagine the music yourself… here you go…


Ah Joey Tempest what eyes he had. And not a bad voice.

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Hahaha… right?

You’re all set!! Have a great trip!!!

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Thank you! I hope so!