The End of Stacey?

Since Must Do Disney is no longer playing on the resort TV’s, I’m wondering if we’ve seen the end of Stacey?

The most recent update we got from her was about Magic Bands (which are being phased out), and with the clip show nature of Must Do Disney the age difference between that last update and some of her earlier ones is kinda jarring, IMO. Nothing against Stacey, but she is about 15 years older now than when she started.

I’m hoping we’ll get a completely new iteration of Must Do Disney at some point with a new host, and this doesn’t just become another thing that Disney took away and didn’t replace.


Who/what is Stacey?

She’s the host of Must Do Disney. It plays (or played) on the onsite resort TV’s.

Oh, I see. I don’t know anything about Must Do Disney, so I have no frame of reference! But when we were there in August and December, we also didn’t get the greeting on our TVs as others have reported.

I can still hear her in my head as if just watching her. She was one of my “home” moments.


First thing I did when I walked in my room was turn on Must Do Disney, I capped off every night and started each morning with Stacey. If I’m not in the parks, I was watching Stacey


I hope they replace it/update it too. Odd that it’s still not there unless they’re planning an anniversary/post covid edition.

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I think it makes sense for them to not show it right now, lots of maskless people and closed experiences showcased.

I’d love an abbreviated version for covid and or a 50th anniversary version.


I’ve only seen that in Riviera and CSR/GDT so far. I’d guess it will be in the newly renovated rooms at WL, Poly, and soon Contemporary. (I haven’t seen any reports about Saratoga…I don’t really look at news on that one.)