The dreaded ‘Something went wrong’

Hey everyone

I’ve been planning my trip meticulously the past few weeks from the UK and had to get a VPN to check the tip board because back home I was getting ‘Something went wrong. Unable to populate tip board.” constantly.

I got to the states last night and today is my first park day (yippee!) but last night before bed I checked my tip board was all working and I was still getting the dreaded message. I logged out, I deleted the app and redownloaded and would only get it to appear if I was on my hotel’s sketchy Wi-Fi.

06:59:59 today - ‘Something went wrong’. All my planning out of the window. I had to exit the app, disconnect the Wi-Fi and get back on for it to work and by that time it was 7:00:30

Is there any fix to this or am I just screwed? I work in tech so I’m a little annoyed I can’t figure this one out.


Oh no! This is bad news. I wonder if @stustaff can help. He went at Christmas.

I’m sorry that happened- it’s so frustrating! I got the same error message when practicing for the first time this morning. I hope your day starts to look up.

Disney’s servers have been flaky the last few days, especially at 7 AM. I’m not sure if the 6:59:59 trick works anymore - I’m still trying to test that out.

My suggestion for the rest of your trip:

  • Try at 7:00:00 instead
  • If it fails, quickly close and kill the app.
  • For LL: pin the attraction you are trying to get and then start refreshing at 7:07 all the way up to 7:13 to get close to the time you want. You should see something.
  • For ILL: once you get your LL, if you want an ILL, change your tip board to show the ILL you want. Then start refreshing at about 7:15 until about 7:22. At some point during that window, a new set will drop will have your pick of times.

These later drops seem to go a bit slower than the 7:00 am drop, as I think many people give up after 7 or just select something else if they don’t get what they want.

And remember all the mid-day drops as well.


So what is it that you can’t have/do for that time difference?

From my experience, the tip board will not work with a non-US phone even if you are roaming on a US network, which is absolutely ridicilous. So you need to either be on Wifi or use a VPN for a US connection if on cell network. I don’t know if this only happens with certain carriers/countries but it happened to me and I’ve read other europeans having similar problems.

If I understood correctly, this is the issue you’re having?

My solution was to either use WDW wifi and pre-test that it was working properly (I ran a speed test and did some browsing), and if the connection was poor, I turned wifi off and used a US VPN and test that one too before 7am. IF you have a poor wifi connection and have to go the VPN route, make sure to turn off wifi altogether, otherwise your phone might be jumping between cellular and wifi and get cut off.


I was wondering if a VPN might solve it. Stupid that it would be needed though.

@SoloUKgal what phone/network do you have?


Thanks so much for the advice all

I have an iPhone 12 Pro and I’m with Three in the UK but currently on T-mobile here. I’m on the park Wi-Fi now but going to have to rely on a very slow VPN in the mornings as I’m off site!

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We travel from outside the US as well and use portable WiFi rather than rely on miserable park or hotel WiFi or (for us, anyway) crazy expensive data. If you’re concerned about security (I don’t think that really had anything to do with it), you can use your VPN with the portable WiFi and it doesn’t slow it down too much.

Bad news for me, I’ve got a 12 pro and I’m with Three as well.

So I tried looking this up because it’s really confusing me. If I’m understanding this right, apparently most cellphone carriers/networks will reroute your internet usage through your own service provider and thus your IP address will also reflect that. So in this case, your IP address will show as if you were on Three in the UK and thats why the app is not working right. I’m guessing it doesn’t matter what US network you use if they all route traffic like this. Based on a quick google search, in very few cases the IP changes when roaming.

It would be sensible for the app to use some other method, such as physical/gps location, to figure out where you are, but seems like it’s not unfortunately.

My cell plan has a reasonably priced roaming package so I use it a lot and it’s faster than WDW wifi, but because of this problem I was ultimately jumping back and forth between park wifi where it worked and cell/VPN when needed.

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Personally, i would find a store and purchase a cheap prepaid phone with US service. But data could get expensive. Park wifi could cut this down some.

You are a genius. This makes so much sense!! They really need to fix it then so international guests don’t get stuck.

I’ve been ok flicking between wifi and VPN today so it hasn’t been too bad, but it’s good to know that I’m not just going mad.

If I was here for more than 5 days I’d invest in a US phone but think I’ll have to muddle on from here for now!


This is maybe a stupid question - can you just be on the VPN all day and on Disney wifi too? It sounds like you can’t but I have been doing at home.

I don’t think it’s a problem having the VPN on constantly, unless it has some data limits. The downside might be losing a little speed in your connection and draining your battery a bit (maybe 10-15% more depending on the app).

I’m personally a bit cautious of and avoid using my e-mail through a VPN, but if you use a well known and secure (=paid) service, it’s probably not an issue.

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Yeah it turns out my fiancé had a paid subscription to one of the big names so I’ve logged in to that for now :slight_smile: they can both be used - I find the MDE app logs me out all of the time when I’m on VPN though!

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PM me if you need an extra pair of hands to book something hard like RoTR amiga. I’m on a stable network at home and can help you out if you need it.


I’m seeing reports that the TIP board on the app may be working for those of us in the U.K. now. And also for those in Canada with an android phone too. All as of today.

I might have to try and familiarise myself with the app now!


Thank you! I just tried and it is working.


Just tried it with an Android phone here in Canada and it worked! I was concerned that not being able to see the tip board was a bad sign for our August trip. Glad the bug has been fixed! Thanks for the heads up.