The crowd calendar looks BONKERS!

In what world is Disneyland EVER going to be a 2 out of 10 this Summer with SWGE opening? Seriously, does anyone have any idea about the theory that goes into this thing? I wouldn’t expect Disneyland to be under a 5 all Summer but some daily predictions make it sound like it will be a ghost tow. What gives? What am I missing?


Star wars is not factored in to CC.

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Also, they have mentioned that after they start to see what June shapes up to be they will adjust anything else for July/Aug as needed.

DIY CC update: DL will be 12s from the time SWGE opens for at least 6 months. DCA may merely be 10s… OK I’m being a bit sarcastic, but this prediction is as good as any that can be made with no real data and nothing in the history of DL (except maybe opening day in '55) on which to base it.


yeah, I noticed this recently as well (and posted about it when I did). 5’s for 2 of my days in July. I know it’s not true, but still weird to see.

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Yeah I’m pretty much going to ask for my money back. These CCs are really misleading right now and I don’t know what I can trust anymore if I can’t trust this site!

I’m tracking 7 days mid to end July. 1 is a 6 (a Sunday), 1 is a 7 (Friday), 1, is a 10 (Monday), and the other 4 are 8s and 9s. seems odd for the Friday and Sunday to be lower, and the Monday to be higher?

Last year due to the way the AP blackouts were, the weekends were the lowest and Mondays were the Highest. I think this data has effected the CLs for this summer as well despite the fact that we are having a VERY different summer than last.

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