The bounce back offer in the room

Bounce back current on 10-10-14. There is supposed to be a picture here but I’m trying to upload from my phone and although it says 100 percent it is not here.

Oh! Does it go into next year?

Still this offer

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Awesome! I am going in 1 month and hope this is still the offer. Now if I can just break it to my husband that I want to start planning our next trip before we go on this one… :slight_smile:

I have never paid action to the bounce back offers until this year.i booked two bounce back weekend trips (October and December) on a May trip. I am wondering if the Bounceback offers ever include April/May. I do not know if it is silly to hope for one on my December trip.

I think its pretty likely to be the same offer in December.

The same free dining offer?

Yeah… thats my guess. The BB offers seem to stick around for a long time. But who knows :smile:

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So, your guess no BB for any time before August? Ithe split stay I want to do in April YC/AKL should be an easy ressie to get just don’t know if I should look for BB or look for Visa/AP discounts later.

I have no idea. I would just be surprised if a new BB offer was released soon since the FD one just came out in August. I HOPE that they have one in between as that would be a long time, but I was also surprised that the BB was for booking a year or more in advance. There isn’t good info about the BB offers online like there is for other discounts…

Last year in March we got a really good RO discount… maybe there will be something comparable for April this year. Cant hurt to call about the BB when you are there just in case. I will cross my fingers for you!

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