The Boathouse @DTD/Disney Springs

Looking for feedback on The Boathouse restaurant at DTD/Disney Springs. Thinking of booking dinner for the day after W/D Half marathon. :runner:

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I know @len has eaten there - they talked about it on the WDW today podcast a little while ago. You should try the baked alaska!


Update - be our guest podcast episode 905 is talking about it as well as part of a listener question.

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holy mackerel…that is ginormous!

Yeah, @len said it was the size of a sofa cushion, and people from other tables were coming over for a taste. :smiley:

The steaks, surprisingly, were great (I expected the seafood to be the best thing). Service is excellent. Portions are super large, so consider sharing desserts and the like.

I’m holding off again until all the kinks are worked out. Had a terrible experience there in May. Service was great, but the food had lots of issues (things not cooked correctly or safely).