The Bings Trip Report

This was our first trip in 1 1/2 years. We were mad at Disney, continuing to raise prices, taking away amenities and getting too political. We made the tough decision to let our APs go, and give the competition a try. We bought APs for Universal and went 3 times. Universal did have a few things over Disney that we did appreciate, but was lacking in some major ways. We loved how easy it was to get around (and quick), how staying at a deluxe got you free express passes, the meet and greets - so many, so much more interactive, so spontaneous, and the shows like bourne and the animal actors - I can watch over and over. Big negatives were the rides - I am top 5% most clausterphobic and somehow these rides all seemed to need to clamp me in as tight as possible. I had multiple panic attacks at Universal. In the end, while it was much cheaper than Disney, we just didn’t feel there was enough for us and we missed Disney!

So we decided to give it a go ahead and even buy APs again…

Our HIGH of the trip was dining at Space 220 & DAS. We love experiences beyond food and Space was it for us. So much entertainment that gave us joy. We will definitely be back! And for the first time, I registered for DAS and it was a gamechanger for me.

Our LOW of the trip was my husband got a cold 2 days before leaving and I got it the day we left. Barely made it safely home and then took the last week and a 1/2 recovering. Boo!

FUNNIEST moment was at Trattoria Al Forno. We were celebrating our 28th anniversary and the hostess made these celebration buttons just for us with our wedding date and anniversary and then called us to say our table was ready. Another couple just stood up like their name was called and acted all excited and happy to get the buttons. After a few minutes, I went up to the hostess and realized the wrong people basically got our table and buttons. Who would do that?!

LESSONS this time around…

(1) We didn’t need DAS & GENIE +. It was actually a bit stressful having to manage both.

(2) We can’t eat as much or do as much when the weather is so stinking hot and humid. We normally go to Disney is August/early September and can handle the weather but this time was record hot!

(3) We had to go to guest services before entering the parks to activate the new APs. Someone on Lines said this was not necessary but the cast members would not allow us to enter.

(4) Normally I am a bit cheap and book the standard rooms. This time at the Dolphin I decided to spring for the Fireworks room and it was awesome - money well spent. We had an amazing view of the Epcot fireworks every night.


Sounds terrible :people_hugging:

What a great way to celebrate! Happy anniversary!

So sorry you had a rough time at Universal. Glad to hear you had fun at Disney but can’t believe someone took your buttons.

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