The best thing about today

The best thing about today, aside from the fact that it’s finally Friday after a long and crazy busy week, is the fact that our military hopper exchange vouchers just arrived from Camp Pendleton, after only 6 days! I definitely wasn’t expecting them, because they normally call with a tracking number as soon as they FedEx them and I hadn’t gotten a call yet.

Disney surprises are always the best surprises… now November just needs to hurry up and get here!


Yay! Disney mail is the best mail!

6 days! You must have ordered them at the EXACT right moment. It normally takes a couple of weeks for ours. This trip, I found other options. Shades will mail already activated tickets now if you can email or fax them copies of your ID. You can also order them over the phone from the Orlando ITT office and they ship within a few days. I always thought that Pendleton was the only choice for prepurchasing the military salute tickets.

I know… the short turnaround was shocking! I’ve tried calling Shades to try, but never e-mailed them. We’ve just gotten used to ordering at around the 4 month mark since FPP started. Before that it wasn’t really an issue, as long as we had them in hand before we flew.

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