The all-important question nobody is asking

I do not like mules though. Yuck.

have never been to Barcelona, so I have no direct experience at that location. Coffee is a very subjective thing. I really like quality coffee, but 20 years in the Navy taught me to drink just about anything - except instant. Since Disney switched to Joffrey’s as their “standard”, I find it to be very drinkable. Is it fresh ground Kona or Blue Mountain made to order in a French press? No, but it’s better than Maxell House or Folger’s out of a can. I’m no fan of Starbucks either; they buy cheap beans and over-roast them to hide the fact (but I’ll drink it if that’s what there is). I don’t know if Kona at the Poly is open due to Covid, but you can get 100% Kona there which is excellent.


Gin, the secret to a long life! :cocktail: