THAT'S Not Scary? Are you kidding me?

So here I am perusing the Disneyland website because… well… I don’t feel like working and I’ll be there next week, so it’s my way of easing the wait. I noticed that all the attractions have been labeled a little differently since I last looked through them (not sure how long…). They now include more descriptions than I remember: small drops, interactive, indoor, 1955 original ride, big drops, thrill rides, dark, loud, scary, and other appropriate labels. Seems reasonable.

So I scroll on down to Pixar Pal Around (aka Ferris Wheel from Hell) and it says “slow rides” and “what’s new.” Not scary??? Seriously?! I know the labels are a little subjective, but am I the only one who had a near-death experience the one time I summoned the courage to ride that metal monster??? The swinging side’s description adds “small drops” but that’s it. I wouldn’t get on that side unless there were tranquilizers and a lot of cash involved (or maybe if I’m running from the zombie apocalypse…but that’s not even a guarantee).

There is literally nothing else at DCA that I won’t ride. But when I think of scary, the first thing that pops in my head is Pixar Pal Around (and whatever it used to be called, too!) Anyone else?!


you mean the ride formerly known as Mickey’s Wheel of Death?
I am fine with it but know what you mean. the first time we went on it, I had a screaming wife, 3 year old, and 5 year old. We now go on the stationary cars.


It’s always Wheel of Death to me! No matter what Disney changes the name around to be.

But yes, I am with you 100%. My daughter really, really, really, really, really wanted to try it one time & it was the only ride I hadn’t done in DCA ever (we’d ridden the non-swinging cars many a time) so I finally gave in. I was NOT a fan. I held onto the sides the entire time while she gleefully giggled as we slid. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be, but I am in NO hurry to get on them again & wouldn’t want to be in them with any more than 1-2 other people as the more weight you get in, the faster your sliding gets going. Since it was just me & her little 4 yr old self in the cage that’s probably why it wasn’t so bad.

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I love the ride and have never found anything scary about it. Ever since I was a kid I had seen pictures of the original “Wonder Wheel” in Coney Island and always wished I could ride it. When I saw that Disney had built one in DCA I was totally psyched; it’s a must do for me every trip. My only complaint is that the window mesh makes taking cool pictures impossible…


The moving ones are absolutely terrifying.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel! :smiley:

Often referred to, like others have said, as Mickey’s Wheel of Death.

Personally, I agree with the given name.! :smiley:

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I still get made fun of because I closed my eyes and clutched the sides the entire ride. At first it was suttle and my family was non the wiser, but by the second go around, they had caught on and were unmerciful. I can go on almost any roller coaster, but cannot do Ferris wheels :ferris_wheel: or gondolas :aerial_tramway:.

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Ha ha! The first time I rode the swinging side, my daughter and I were paired with a mom and her son that we did not know. the son was terrified. Nothing snaps me out of being scared like having to comfort/reassure a frightened child, so I didn’t think it was that bad. The kid screamed for a good portion of the ride, but did finally calm down. I don’t know if he’ll ever go on it again, though.

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