That was a CL2?

I know the CLs are based on waits but MK was a 2 yesterday and felt packed. Waits weren’t bad but just a lot of people. I can’t imagine going when more crowded.

Key: waits weren’t bad. Crowd level is based on wait times for several key attractions


Yes, this is why Touring Plans Crowd Calendars make no sense to me for planning. I use Fast Passes all day, even for less popular rides, so waiting isn’t an issue. What is an issue is if I cannot move through the parks, or can’t sit to each lunch, etc, and since MK is basically always wall to wall people now, I am basically going to ignore crowd calendars for any future trips.

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@onceabird beyond avoiding any holidays, i don’t let TP determine when I should travel. I have seen 6 months advance TP CL 2 changed to CL8 in the weeks leading up to a trip. One thing I have noticed, avoid Adventure Land at dusk/after dark. It feels soooo much more crowded at that time of day. I don’t enjoy myself when it’s that crowded.

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Try Kenny the Pirate’s version…he bases it on crowd estimates.

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